Hexagon Metrology and Vero Software – In Search of the Perfect Output

As you hopefully are aware, Hexagon Metrology recently announced a new acquisition, and I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our new colleagues at Vero Software to the Hexagon Metrology family. We look forward to working with you and to a successful future together.

Allow me to explain a little more about the thinking behind this acquisition. As with any strategic decision, it’s not something we take lightly, and it’s important that staff at both companies understand what we are trying to achieve with this development. To do this, we need to understand from where we’ve come and where we are going.

The priority for all our customers is to produce high-quality products in the most efficient way possible. As a metrology equipment manufacturer, Hexagon Metrology’s expertise is in quality control solutions. For years, we’ve supported customers by producing inspection tools for the measuring room. More recently, we’ve seen metrology break out of the confines of the measuring room and move closer to the production line to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Hexagon Metrology’s most recent developments support this approach, with our latest shop floor- hardened CMMs such as the 7.10.7 SF, TIGO SF and Leitz SIRIO range enabling more accurate measurement in workshop conditions. Automated inspection cells like our 360˚ SIMS system are capable of inspecting within the production line itself, and our new Metrology Management System (MMS) can turn the gathered data into actionable information. But in terms of that key customer demand – top quality output – inspection and information are only part of the story. And this is where Vero Software will provide a real competitive advantage.

Vero Software’s expertise in the field of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) offers customers active production planning and response technology. In combination with a system like MMS, we see CAM as an exciting prospect for uniting quality control information and computer-controlled machine response. This would give our customers the ability to not only detect product imperfections, but also intervene and correct them automatically through active feedback loops.

It’s important to remember that this development potential is bi-directional. Hexagon Metrology’s expertise in hardware offers a new dimension to Vero Software’s customer base as well, with the option to better inform their decision making and process planning using mature metrology technologies. Both companies have extensive global footprints and, as a result, our local services and support will only improve.

While it’s true some products in Vero Software’s portfolio offer more natural synergies with Hexagon Metrology’s core business areas than others, we do not see this as an obstacle. By working with Vero Software’s developers, we can channel our research focus into providing greater integration between metrology and production. Yes, we will start with products that are more clearly aligned. But in the future, we hope to see the results of our research making an impact on the wider portfolios of both companies.

Let’s be clear – the acquisition of Vero Software is really about improving the quality and  capabilities of the solutions we offer our customers in industrial manufacturing. It is no longer enough for us to simply measure things – our aim is to support customers in producing the best possible output, and to do that we need to work smarter. With Vero Software on board, quality-controlled manufacturing just got a little closer.


Nobert Hanke
Hexagon Metrology

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