Helping Power Energy Needs for 500,000 Homes: Leica Geosystems and Intergraph Collaborate for Breakthrough Natural Gas Solution

The most fundamental thing we at Leica Geosystems do is develop geospatial solutions and services that genuinely benefit our customers. Over time, we build on these, constantly providing more value for our customers and stakeholders. As part of Hexagon, Leica Geosystems also has additional opportunities to provide benefits and value to our customers that other businesses similar to us lack.  We have access to valuable, synergistic technologies, resources, and solutions from within the Hexagon global network of brands, like Intergraph®. When we unite our solutions with these other brands, we have the potential to provide even more value for our customers, to open new doors and to accelerate our customers and ourselves forward – it’s a very exciting opportunity.

To reinforce the kind of impact these synergies can have, I’d like to cite an example, a story featured in the February 2013 issue of Point of Beginning (POB) Magazine, about one of our customers. The customer, Wood Group Mustang, based in Texas, is a customer of both Leica Geosystems and Intergraph. The example project involves a $235-million Hess Tioga natural gas processing plant expansion in North Dakota that will alone provide enough additional energy to meet the yearly needs of 500,000 homes! Breakthrough innovations in drilling are bringing vast new reserves into reach, prompting North Dakota to be dubbed the upcoming “Saudi Arabia of the United States.”

Wood Group Mustang, a global project management, engineering, procurement, and construction management company, is using complementary solutions from Intergraph and Leica Geosystems to help double the plant’s capacity. To support the preliminary design of the plant expansion, they used Intergraph’s CADWorx® Plant Design Suite, an easy-to-use, popular AutoCAD-based application, to make 3D intelligent as-built models of the existing plant that was to be expanded. These models were, in turn, based on accurate as-built geometry of the existing plant collected using their Leica Geosystems laser scanners and point cloud software. Linkage between Leica PointCloud software and CADWorx was via Leica COE data transfer application – a free software utility that minimizes incompatibility issues and optimizes workflows.

The synergistic nature of the two companies’ products enabled users to:

  • Effectively resolve potential preliminary design and construction issues back at their offices
  • Minimize fieldwork and site visits
  • Maximize as-built detail
  • Achieve photo-quality visualization
  • Impress their client and, best of all,
  • Get hired for more work – the detailed design of the plant expansion.

As we progress into this new era, we’ll be building upon these types of synergies to offer even more easy-to-use, accurate and timely solutions.

In January, if you walked the floor of CES, a cutting-edge consumer-tech show, you see where society is heading:  Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators; Smartphones that monitor vital signs of houseplants (yes, there’s an app for it); toilets that monitor blood sugar, temperature and blood pressure; refrigerators that double as ovens and dehumidifiers making filtered water. Technology is working double duty. Technology is often regarded as a solution to key issues in many industries, such as long overdue infrastructure repairs, now totaling over $2 trillion in the U.S. alone.  But many executives puzzle over how to create the kind of technology to solve these issues. At Hexagon, we’re finding these answers  not only through innovation and research and development, but also by better exploiting our existing technologies and synergies. It’s exciting to hear about how our customers are executing high-profile infrastructure projects, staying competitive, and garnering media attention, while many of their peers remain sidelined by tight budgets.

We think that exploiting the synergy between technologies is a key solution in this economy. Technologies must work together on multiple platforms to create practical solutions that meet the universal demand for efficiency.

What do you think? I look forward to talking tech, swapping ideas, and sharing best practices with you at our own groundbreaking conference, HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s annual international conference, June 3-6 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The conference will feature the very latest, must-see technologies from Intergraph, Hexagon Metrology and Leica Geosystems, featuring visionary keynote speakers discussing innovative solutions for successfully navigating these highly complex times. I hope to see you there!

Combing key solutions from Hexagon’s brands to solve tomorrow’s customer challenges –  that’s shaping change!


Ken Mooyman
Hexagon Geosystems, NAFTA

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