Getting a Clear Picture of Dutch Municipal Road Networks

As is true for most cities across the globe, the municipal government of Tynaarlo is responsible for providing a safe, positive and enjoyable experience for all visitors and citizens utilizing public city facilities. City leaders strive to establish effective policies and strategies that pave the way for better urban experiences. To achieve this across strategic, tactical and operational levels, much thought and action are afforded to implementing systems that efficiently harness and manage the full life cycle of public assets.

One of the strategic goals of the municipality is to guarantee safe roads. Every day people use roads to travel within, around and across the municipality of Tynaarlo in the Netherlands. Travelers such as students, tourists, commuters and shoppers are diverse and have different objectives. Each person wants to arrive safely to their destination and hopefully enjoy pleasant surroundings like tree-lined avenues, along the way.

Large sums of money are invested in continuous road network monitoring and maintenance to ultimately verify compliance with safety standards. In this process, data is collected from both road inspectors who report on technical aspects and also citizens who provide a more subjective view of their experience. The result is a set of quality data representing both measured road information and safety levels as well as personal perceptions of quality.

Tapping into Rich Data to Deliver Key Performance Indicators

Maps are useful, but key business insights drawn from location-based information are what facilitate business decisions. Similarly, historical and current road network data is helpful, but intelligent information derived through targeted analyics and presented in a highly readable way conveys more meaning. A dashboard is what Tynaarlo leadership requires to understand needs, plan, take action and communicate between different levels both inside and outside the organization. The municipality recognized the power held within their rich roads database and also the potential to distill that data and present it in a dynamic dashboard.

To accomplish taking their road data to the next level, Tynaarlo leaders are working with Antea Group in the Netherlands, an international engineering and environmental consulting firm and large player in the public asset management sector. Antea has joined hands with Imagem, the Dutch distributor for Hexagon Geospatial and early adopter of the Hexagon Smart M.App(R) platform. Together, the two parties are combining engineering creativity with state-of-the-art information and communication technology to provide insight into real-world change and help solve Smart City challenges.

Supported by the Hexagon Smart M.Apps platform and by a database comprising years of historical and current road inspection data, Tynaarlo is now working to deploy a dynamic application that offers current, comprehensive road information, in addition to updates over time. Through an interactive dashboard, the application reveals an engaging picture of the state of roads based on year and investment numbers per year. Furthermore, the rich database enables identification of trends by comparing current data to previous years. Now, the effects of invested budgets are easily compared and presented, and city leaders get a clear understanding if asset expenditures were properly allocated.

With continous access to thoughtfully presented summary metrics, city leadership at all levels can now make better decisions based on reliable information. By getting behind the new paradigm for location-based applications, Tynaarlo Municipality is defining what it means to be a Smart City.

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 9ybQKgOB_400x400Wouter Brokx is founder and CEO of Dotka Holding and Imagem, the Benelux distributor of Hexagon Geospatial, and Dotka Data, a Dutch Data Broker and photogrammetry expert specializing in historical imagery and maps. Wouter has an MSc in Geology, with a postdoctorate in Remote Sensing. He has worked for the Dutch Aerospace Agency NLR, founded Imagem in 2003 and Dotka Data in 2009. Wouter enjoys the combination of entrepreneurship, innovation and strategic marketing & sales in the geospatial domain.


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