Geospatial Solutions That Drive Global Movement Forward

With the ever-increasing challenges and needs of a growing population, and especially of a growing middle class, being one step ahead in the planning of modern worldwide infrastructures is of absolute importance. The world has become smaller and its resources scarcer. Users expect on-demand, contextual and application-relevant information, deliverable at any time to anyone, anywhere. Managing the world’s limited resources to satisfy the spatial demands of a growing population while protecting the environment has become imperative. Therefore, understanding and working with these challenges are vital to developing future-leading geospatial solutions.

These new challenges demand us to revise our way of thinking. New infrastructure needs must be met; urbanisation, security and public safety call for new solutions that create new opportunities and help to shape change. We at Hexagon have the chance to develop new markets and leave static, passive geospatial activities behind. We now need to look into the possibilities of connecting, merging and sharing our data and expertise in real time; fusing multi-sourced content from air, ground and underground, as well as underwater. When we combine efforts, it will bring added value to all of us, and supply us the means to make informed decisions fast. Connecting and sharing also means developing easier, user-friendly approaches that are accessible and relevant to each customer’s workflow. In this way, all users will be able to make use of the full potential of smart geospatial solutions across all Hexagon divisions.

Our latest developments and acquisitions have brought us closer to the goal of being the preferred provider. With each acquisition, Hexagon Geosystems reaches out and offers a complimentary solution that drives the business of our customers forward by offering new software, hardware, data and solution services, fully integrating them into a comprehensive portfolio.

We have the means of converging aerial, oblique, mobile mapping and terrestrial surveys into smart, fly-through 3D worlds. This entire process of collecting and processing geospatial data must be accurate, fast and automated so we can create and visualize new realities more efficiently. Providing experts professional 3D worlds is what drives us forward. We can achieve this via tools that geospatial professionals can apply in their day-to-day work to expand their business models to new levels or via Content as a Service for those that require on-demand geospatial information because they rightfully want to pay only for what they use at the time they need it.

Consequently, we also apply our geospatial technology to solutions for the constructions and mining industry. Our precise machine control technologies tremendously improve the efficiency of operations while making them safer. Planning and scheduling solutions for comprehensive fleet management systems, as well as solutions that improve the safety of challenging environments such as collision avoidance and monitoring systems, create very unique portfolios for the construction and mining industry.

We all need to think smarter so we can solve today’s challenging issues. HxGN LIVE offers the perfect opportunity to discuss and create, to build upon and inspire.  Great minds meet to face today’s challenges and discuss and learn about the geospatial future. Many of synergies of Hexagon’s global brand network can be discovered in Las Vegas with the help of hands-on, interactive sessions.

We have the possibilities – we need to bring them out.

I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and discussing the geospatial future with you.

Combining efforts to create a true collaborative environment to make the world a better place – that’s shaping smart change.



Juergen Dold

President, Hexagon Geosystems