Future Proofing the Geospatial Industry

INTERGEO is one of the leading tradeshows and congresses of the surveying, geodesy and land management industry. Each year it attracts more international visitors, highlighting the growing importance of this event as an international platform for professional users and solution providers in the vast field of surveying, Geodesy and GIS, as well as the associations dedicated to these businesses.

The organisers, the DVW e.V. (the German Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management) announced the creation of an advisory board during INTERGEO 2012 in early October. Hexagon, Trimble, ESRI and the DVW will work together as partners on this advisory board to discuss future industry challenges and guide the direction of this event.

It is exciting for us to partner with DVW and the other advisory members to steer the future of our industry. It will help us all to better meet the needs of our customers, and also those of the next generations of surveyors, helping to “future proof” our industry by ensuring it remains attractive, relevant and especially resilient.

Surveying is a service industry. It provides the means to measure, analyse and interpret data for construction, engineering, government, mapping and many more industries that create infrastructure, homes, factories and smart cities. By helping to manage resources and safeguard property and lives, the surveying industry undoubtedly impacts our ever-changing world – and therefore challenging – world.

Modern life is unthinkable without the geospatial information our industry provides, which helps businesses and governments make better informed decisions.  We need reliable geodata to support sustainable growth, and events such as INTERGEO that bring together industry and academia help shape this future.

The many innovations and products (including several from Leica Geosystems) launched at INTERGEO demonstrate that the industry entails much more than simple data capturing. Workflows, solutions and the tools and resources to turn data into actionable information were the main focus of many exhibitors, as well as with our customers and users. Some of the highlights of INTERGEO include Dynamic GIS and the use of UAV drones – Leica Geosystems recently partnered with SwissDrones to be at the forefront of this development – to capture data, as well as new technologies that incorporate GIS and mapping.

Working to shape the future of the geospatial industry – that’s shaping change.

Juergen Dold
Hexagon Geosystems

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