Finally! A low-cost way to capture, maintain and distribute technical information for existing facilities

If you are like me, you’ve probably looked at the problem faced by existing facilities to capture, confirm and manage their technical asset information and wondered if there was an easier way.

In the past, we’ve seen many efforts, but the fact remains that most facilities today have multiple paper copies of control documents onsite, and they simply tolerate the financial risk of inconsistencies and the financial cost of poor accessibility. It’s just been too expensive and time-consuming to fix for many facilities.

However, our Intergraph development groups have recently come up with a rather unique technology approach to this problem. This new method reduces costs dramatically and provides a basic, easy-to-use alternative with a much lower price point than previously possible.

It all started when we realized the unique photorealistic capabilities of Leica’s TruView technology, coupled with the increasingly affordable costs of facility laser scans. We first worked with Woodside on a recently acquired floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit to integrate TruView technology with some very basic document management technology, and the result is a photorealistic front-end on a system that correlates and searches all associated facility documentation for easy global access.

SmartPlant® Fusion is the latest solution developed by Intergraph to rapidly capture, organize, and make available large volumes of previously unstructured information through a simple web portal interface. The types of unstructured information include documents, drawings, lists and sheets, 3D models, and even link to High Definition Surveying (HDS) laser scans. It marks Intergraph’s first foray into brownfield legacy information acquisition and also extends our information management capabilities for greenfield projects.

This ‘as-exists’ information asset is a vital but often undervalued representation of a plant or project. SmartPlant Fusion enables intuitive navigation with an accurate representation of the way things are really connected, making unintelligent information smart.

Join our sessions at HxGN LIVE and learn more:

Tuesday, 4 June, 3:30: Introduction to SmartPlant Fusion

Wednesday, 5 June, 1:30: Woodside and Saipem: Significant Value from Smart Assets

Wednesday, 5 June, 4:30: 3D Laser Scanning of the Vincent FPSO for Integration with SmartPlant Fusion at MAPS


If you would like to learn more about this exciting innovation, you can read more here

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SmartPlant Fusion: Making unintelligent information smart – that’s shaping change.



Patrick Holcomb
EVP Global Business Development
Intergraph Process, Power & Marine  ( PP&M)

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