Exploring the ‘Great Workplace Era’ and its Effect on Employees

Today, decision makers and individual contributors realise that simply having processes and structures in place is not enough to compete and grow as an organisation. At the end of the day, companies need people who take pride in their work. This is the differentiating factor. Employees who want the best for their area of responsibility, can and will bring about innovations that a template cannot do.

It is important to understand the evolving paradigm of work/life balance – a happy and engaged employee at work is also happy in non-work conditions and vice versa. The number of hours split between work and personal life no longer defines a good work/life balance. These zones are intermingled, and individuals who take pride in what they do are happy in both zones.

Pride in work comes from understanding how it all adds up – how your daily contribution is making the world a better place to live. And communication from leadership triggers, catalyses and strengthens this understanding. In this era of constant streaming of data points, leaders need to build their credibility by walking the talk – as they say, your video should match the audio that you produced. This environment of trust, created by the leader, envelops the team and each individual, who carry this behaviour beyond the workplace environs. They understand the value of trust and the tangible results it brings to the table and are ready to create and augment that into their personal space as well.

Taking a leaf from my own experiences, I am happy to say that I have been shaped by great bosses across my career (some say I got lucky) – their openness and interest in their employees’ personal and professional well-being have inspired me to be like them. At an objective level, I see that this change in my behaviour is helping my team in the workplace, but also beyond. And this self-realisation is certainly making my own life better.

Let’s look at another key aspect of any typical organisation, collaboration – fundamentally, the team needs to work together to succeed. We all start appreciating the phrase “the whole is more than the sum of its parts” after working within an organisation. Management understands the importance of bringing the team together, and there is an investment of time and more to grow team spirit. Whether it’s trying to propel the team forward or a feeling of support when you’re not at your best, the idea of teamwork makes us more confident and complete.

Transparency, open leadership style and collaborative structure, along with an emphasis on taking pride in one’s own contributions, are improving the lives of employees, thereby helping to create and sustain a better world. And in the globalised and connected space, the time for such a workplace is now.

Creating an environment that will ensure that individuals feel trusted, confident and motivated to strive for their best – that’s shaping smart change.


Navaneet Mishra
Country Director,
Hexagon Capability Center India

Guest Blogger Profile:

navaneet headshotNavaneet Mishra
Country Director, Hexagon Capability Center India

Navaneet Mishra is Country Director responsible for the Hexagon Capability Center India. He focuses on the center’s growth, stability, costs, productivity, employee satisfaction, and brand transition. He has been with the center since November 2013.

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