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In the global mining market, we are always trying to improve development, restart stalled operations and strategically restructure. To do so, we have to battle restricted access to all types of finance and lower commodities prices that have significantly reduced operational cash flows. In addition, our industry must address sustainability issues, as well as regulatory and reporting requirements.

To overcome these challenges, it is increasingly important for mining companies to improve performance and operational effectiveness. The latest innovations can have a profound impact on operational efficiency, which ultimately translates into lower costs and higher profits for the operators.

From our first forays into fleet management applications, Devex  has been at the forefront of the automation wave, capturing 85 per cent of the market share in our home country of Brazil. With a leading market share in Brazil and considerable growth in neighbouring countries, our acquisition by Hexagon  not only advances Hexagon’s expansion into South America, but the mining industry as a whole.

Devex solutions complement Hexagon’s other offerings in the mining sector, with specific emphasis on 3D environments that allow users to view and access data more intuitively. The portfolio of automation solutions offered by Devex is built on an open platform, offering ease of application development for the mobile environment, as well as integration with other widely used systems. This enables mine operators to meet different necessities and manage all the pieces as an integrated unit.

Devex recently launched two comprehensive software suites, Extreme and SmartMine UG, which provide automation solutions for every step of the mining chain for open-pit and underground projects. We already have reported 7 to 20 per cent gains from optimisation of mining operations.

Extreme and SmartMine UG will be featured at HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s international conference, 2-5 June 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We promise an exciting lineup filled with informative sessions, must-see technologies, exclusive keynotes and unlimited networking. It’s an experience all mining companies shouldn´t miss, and I hope to see you there.

Improving long-term performance and effectiveness through technology – that’s shaping smart change.


Dr. Guilherme Bastos Alvarenga
CEO, Devex


 Guest Blogger Profile:

Dr. Guilherme Bastos Alvarenga (DEVEX CEO): Guilherme is an Electrical Engineer, with a Master’s Degree in Automation Engineering (CPDEE, 1997) and a Doctorate Degree in Computer Science (UFMG, 2005). Being a cofounder of the company, he has led the entire Devex team as the company CEO since 2008. He began his career as an automation engineer at CSN, one of the leaders in steel and iron ore production in Brazil, and has been involved with mining technology ever since. He acted as a researcher at Lavras Federal University (UFLA) for nine years (1999-2008) and was the head of the Computer Science Department for three years. He was also a member of the University Board (CUNI, 2007-2008).

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