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HxGN LIVE 2015 has been captivated by a new solution from Leica Geosystems. At the centre of this solution is Leica Captivate, a new field software based on the latest user interface design principles and powered by a mighty 3D graphics engine. Leica Captivate includes a range of new field controllers, Total Stations and MultiStations and creates a new range of GNSS solutions. Today, it is not enough to just provide a solution to a problem. Instead, today’s solutions must focus on the customer experience. Measurement professionals know their work is not always fun. It is often hard work, but the Leica Captivate Experience can help make it enjoyable and rewarding.

The Leica Captivate software is built around three key concepts:

  1. User Experience. Incorporating the latest user interface design principles for a superior user experience.
  2. 3D Everything, Everywhere. Under the motto “Don’t just see data, experience it,” Leica Captivate introduces a powerful 3D graphical engine into the software, which combines all forms of geospatial data.
  3. Focus on the basics. Everyday field tasks, such as creating a new job, measuring with codes and staking out were examined in detail and improved and optimised.

The new field software requires a new generation of field controllers. The Leica CS20 field controller comes with a 5” QVGA display with touch-screen technology. The Leica CS35 tablet has a giant 10” display and a 128GB solid state hard disk. Designed to work together with Leica Captivate, they blur the lines between software and hardware.

Also, a key part of the solution is the new range of Total Stations and MultiStations. The Leica Viva TS16, Leica Nova TS60 and Leica Nova MS60 MultiStations have the same 5” QVGA display and include Bluetooth and WLAN with Leica Captivate running on board. The new instruments are the world’s first learning Total Stations. They take into account environmental conditions and the movement and position of the target and react accordingly. These instruments are able to automatically ignore all distractions in the field and effectively lock onto the target only, in turn providing a much more enjoyable work experience.

The feedback at HxGN LIVE surrounding the new solution has been outstanding. In a city full of captivating shows, the Leica Captivate solution has also created its fair share of excitement.


David Dixon
Business Director, Leica Geosystems AG

Blogger Profile:

David Dixon

David Dixon has been with Leica Geosystems in Heerbugg, Switzerland since 2001. He has worked in software development, GNSS product management and since 2013 is the TPS Business Director covering Product Management for Leica Geosystems’ total station portfolio. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying) from RMIT and an MBA from ESSEC Mannheim.

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