ASPRS 2014: A New Geospatial Portfolio Release with a Spotlight on Mobile

In the U.S., ASPRS is one of the most important events each year. At this key industry event, we have the opportunity to connect with customers, partners, and thought leaders in remote sensing and photogrammetry – and showcase our latest offerings.

At Hexagon Geospatial, we spend a lot of time ensuring that our products ultimately (and easily) provide the information you need. We also focus our efforts on understanding how you can best use your data in new and innovative ways. This includes utilizing data in the most versatile environments, and engaging the most users. Today, that impact can best be understood in the mobile arena.

Earlier this year, we launched Geospatial 2014, with exciting updates to our comprehensive portfolio. By building upon the foundation introduced in 2013, this release now provides enhanced analytical tools and tremendous cost savings associated with effectively managing big data.

A core part of our focus is enabling the power of geospatial in a mobile environment. At ASPRS 2014, Hexagon Geospatial will be showcasing its key mobility solutions to demonstrate to users how they can access the geospatial power that lies untapped in their pockets.

The reality is that geospatial data no longer begins and ends at the desktop. Whether it’s a soldier on patrol, a first responder at a disaster, a construction worker determining where to dig, or a concerned citizen trying to report a street light that no longer works, our end users are increasingly using mobile devices that provide data and tools for enabling effective remote work. More important, it helps them make the right decisions, at the right time using the mobile devices that they always carry with them.

Based on this premise, we developed Mobile MapWorks, which is a tablet-based field assessment app that supports local governments, utilities, public works and defense organizations by offering field asset information.  Available on Android or iOS devices, Mobile MapWorks allows users to see, edit, validate and update their GIS from their mobile device in the field, either in real-time or as a part of an established asset-management system.

In addition, our new cloud-based Mobile Alert solution provides the means for resource-thin local governments and utilities to crowd source valuable information about city issues.  With this application, forward-thinking cities can enlist their citizens to help point out and define public works issues such as graffiti, broken traffic lights, overflowing trashcans, endangered species locations, and more.  The impact is mutually rewarding by allowing a volunteer workforce of citizens to have an enhanced voice, as well as an avenue to become a greater part of their communities.

With the right mobile solutions, it is possible to extend the value of geospatial solutions in the field, while also allowing local governments to effectively embrace the value of crowd-sourced data.

Our mobile offerings allow any organization to be more effective and efficient in their decision-making processes. As Hexagon Geospatial, we look forward to sharing our mobile products, and the rest of Geospatial 2014 at ASPRS 2014.

 Bringing the power of geospatial to your mobile device – that’s shaping smart change!


Mladen Stojic


Hexagon Geospatial


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