A/E/C Firms: How to use Capture, Compute and Create Technologies for your Projects.

For over 16 years Epic Scan has provided professional services for A/E/C firms with Capture & Compute technologies.  As a premier 3D service provider, we have seen Capture hardware go from 200 pounds to 11 pounds and hardware and software acquisitions all over the industry. The economy is improving, technologies are providing tangible value to our lives, our phones are ringing more than ever and we’ve seen more than a 30% increase in our clients’ use of our services over the last two years.  These trends are creating incredible opportunities!

What are Capture, Compute and Create building documentation technologies?

Capture: These are laser and photo technologies that capture 2D and 3D as-builts of our world.  They typically range in accuracy from 0.050″ – 6.0″.  This means no more measuring tapes, pencil, paper or transcribing your notes to create your as-built drawings.

Compute: Varying hardware and software combinations compute the captured 3D data into products that primarily support the A/E/C industries.  Autodesk and Bentley support the use of Capture, Compute and Create technologies in all their design software.  3D point cloud as-builts show users every last detail of a project and can now be another layer of information you view whenever you need it.

Create: Architects, engineers and general contractors use our data to design, build, analyse, prove, visualise, 3D print and ultimately, create the world we live in.

Why would architectural, engineering and construction professionals use Capture, Compute and Create building documentation technologies?

These technologies allow you to improve the quality and efficiency of your processes, enhance your value to your clients and take advantage of the latest business opportunities that your firm will be dependent on in the near future.

Capturing and creating 3D as-builts happens in days vs. weeks or months with more information now than was ever possible.  Bid documents are produced in weeks vs. months.  Collaboration increases due to intuitive ways to view and analyse your project.  Communication improves now that you can see your project virtually and in 3D.  You can design and build an entire project virtually before mobilising a single construction crew.

How do I start?

Getting educated is one of the most time consuming and complicated aspects of establishing familiarity with Capture, Compute and Create building documentation technologies.  The majority of the knowledge currently exists amongst those providing the products and services.  Developing a relationship with one of these service providers is the shortest path to the information.

Downloading the U. S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) bid documents is a good way to get started.  Thankfully, USIBD has standardised the solicitation of these professional capture services by producing an RFQ template, RFP template, 3D Imaging (Point Cloud) Specification and Level of Accuracy Specification.  They have many other documents in the works and are looking for volunteers to participate in setting these standards.  This is a great opportunity for people new to the industry to get involved and make a difference.

Now you have knowledge and the tools to solicit for these services and procure deliverables that will allow you and your project to realise all of the product, efficiency and opportunity improvements available today.


Carlos G Velazquez
Epic Scan

Guest Blogger Profile: 

Carlos G. Velazquez is the President of Epic Scan, a premier 3D service provider that has been involved with terrestrial Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) since its inception and more recently advanced photogrammetry techniques. Carlos has developed and implemented LiDAR system scanning strategies since 1999 implementing hundreds of projects around the world across various industries including film, architecture, archaeology, civil, forensic, heritage, marine, mining, nuclear, oil and gas, and more.  Carlos has a focus to bring LiDAR technologies into everyday architectural applications and serves as Chair of the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) Standards Committee.


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