A New Way to Build for Large-Scale Construction

Assembling large structures is often complex and subject to major losses due to rework, scrap and delays that result from flaws in typical manufacturing processes.

Pieces or sections are built separately according to the design specs, usually by different manufacturers. And, like a puzzle, they must fit together precisely to successfully create the final product. However, with sections constructed in different plants under different conditions, chances are high there will be problems when assembling the completed parts. Dimensional errors caused by heat, cutting, welding or simply imprecise measurement tools means the pieces won’t converge as intended.

Hexagon’s Smart Modular Assembly closes a gap in the construction workflow, where the assembly of complex structures is critical. Hexagon solutions for metrology and dimensional analysis enable accurate verification of dimensional deviations during the manufacturing and assembly process and, utilising automated preconfigured algorithms, permit immediate feedback to design and planning teams to take optimised corrective action.

The solution helps anticipate and solve issues in the assembly line, providing automated adjustments of typical deviations across the process enterprise including design, logistics planning and operation, thereby increasing throughput and reducing rework and scrap.

Smart Modular Assembly is built on the strength of the Hexagon global family of brands. The solution is a collaborative effort between Intergraph®, Hexagon Metrology, New River Kinematics (NRK, part of Hexagon Metrology) and Leica Geosystems.

Smart Modular Assembly is Hexagon’s innovative way to link design information to the build workflow for large-scale construction projects. By integrating Intergraph’s SmartPlant® Foundation with measurement data obtained by SpatialAnalyzer, the flagship offering of NRK, and the precision equipment of Hexagon Metrology and Leica Geosystems, it now is possible to have visibility of the dimensional quality of the parts, automating and optimising processes.

Smart Modular Assembly offers the only comprehensive solution to connect multiple products from any supplier. From single-part inspection to highly accurate, large-scale, multi-instrument surveys, the advanced analysis capabilities support large-scale manufacturers that have no option but to make components that fit, stick to time schedules and keep costs under control.

A streamlined manufacturing process, increased throughput, reduced manufacturing time and total visibility and control of the construction workflow are just a few of the benefits.

With Smart Modular Assembly, suppliers receive real-time information that allows them to anticipate and correct issues in the early stages, increasing effectiveness and output in the assembly line. Information is automatically shared among Smart Modular Assembly modules, automating various processes including time schedule, materials logistics, manufacturing planning and more.

Perfecting the building blocks of industry – that’s shaping change.

Fernando Schmiegelow
Marketing Director, Sisgraph

Guest Blogger Profile:
Fernando Schmiegelow
Marketing Director at Sisgraph


Fernando Luis SchmiegelowFernando Schmiegelow is marketing director at Sisgraph, a Hexagon brand based in São Paulo, Brazil. For the past 15 years, Fernando has developed and executed comprehensive strategic plans to maximize sales, improve marketing effectiveness and drive revenue in the region. Prior to joining Sisgraph, he worked for leading global companies including GE, MWM and Shell. Fernando holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA in marketing, as well as a Master’s degree in engineering from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics, where he conducted research on improving financial results in the technology industry. In 2011, he was elected the most outstanding marketing professional in Latin America by the geospatial community.
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