Viewpoint From an Apps Provider: What Smart M.Apps Can Do for Our Company

So just to be upfront with all of you, I can’t actually use any Hexagon products myself, but my team can – and does. We have Apollo and Imagine through Sterling Geo, so that provides my credentials. My interest in HxGN LIVE is purely from a business perspective, namely how new developments in Hexagon’s portfolio can help my business grow, prosper and enable us to reach more customers across the globe with our great landscape intelligence products. So, if you haven’t already guessed, Rezatec is a geospatial applications provider based out of the U.K., We currently have customers in the water, agri, renewable energy and forestry sectors.

So, for this blog, I’ve reflected upon the announcements from Mladen Stojic at his Tuesday afternoon keynote and the comments at the session run by Bruce Chaplin really and have become excited about the possibilities Smart M.Apps offers my business.

The whole concept of Smart M.Apps fits really nicely with our company ethos as it is all about dynamic, interactive maps bursting with analytics. It is also about cloud-based delivery, simple development tools and really good-looking visualisations that also reflect our approach. But how does it help me resolve some of the challenges we face growing the business? How can it improve the way we create our apps?

  1. Access to new markets – We want to crack new markets – especially the United States–so how do we do that easily, with the right partners, without it costing a fortune? The App Exchange online marketplace is the perfect environment for us to push our apps to new customers in new markets without having to invest in all of the usual overheads associated with new market entry. It is a ready-made channel.
  2. Quick and simple tooling – The value of our business lies in the apps and the IP within those apps. We need tools that are going to help us develop our apps in less time but can accommodate our often complex and pretty clever algorithms and analytics. The App Studio looks to be a great set of tools to help us build our apps, however multifaceted.
  3. Third-party data acquisition – We don’t own our own data and while public domain data is great (and free), we always need to acquire commercial data and each time, it is more difficult than we expect and that slows things down. Content partnerships, such as the one announced with Airbus, takes away this pain and looks to serve up data right when we need it.
  4. Business stories – Visualisation is key. Our customers want our apps to talk to them in terms of business – not GIS or science – and support their decision-making. App Foundation looks to be a great tool for helping us deliver on this.

So, it was well worth the 11-hour flight to Vegas, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the Smart M.Apps toolkit and become part of this new and exciting global ecosystem.


Philip Briscoe
Marketing Director, Rezatec

Blogger Profile:

P BriscoePhilip Briscoe is a Director at Rezatec and has 20 years of experience in the technology sector. Previously, he was Marketing Director at Helveta, a timber supply chain traceability software provider. Prior to that, he held senior management roles for a broad range of companies from startups to international market leaders, including Systems Union, AMS Inc., SDL International, Cape Clear and TIS Software. He has specialised in helping to build, grow and change businesses by developing market entry strategies and tactical operational plans. Philip holds a BA in European Business Studies and a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) post-graduate diploma.

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