Tuesday Public Safety Recap

We have made it to the third day of Hexagon 2012. We had a great time last night at the after-hours pool party and the Public-Safety-only Spuds & Suds event.  In the Public Safety track, the sessions are having great turnout.

The Mobile Roundtable session just moved to a larger room because we had so many users who wanted to attend!  Gina Steadman, as many of you know, always brings in the crowds. This is our chance to give “them” our opinions face to face. I was so glad to see the turnout. I believe Intergraph received a lot of good input on the look, feel and functionality we, the users, would like to see in the MPS product line. Gina did a great job trying to pull information out of the users. I do wish the roundtable session was twice as long. I’m sure Gina will be getting stopped all day with people wanting to give her more input. Again, this is great. The more feedback we give the more likely IPS will be able to give us a product we want.

I would challenge you to go introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Networking is the most important part of the Hexagon conference.  The body of users out there has so much knowledge, USE IT! If you have a problem, ask. Someone out there has, most likely, already seen the issue. Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Find out about your regional or local users group. We have a general IPS users group on Yahoo you may find very useful.

Enjoy the rest of the conference.  I will see you around.


About the Author
Carter Wetherington, Johnson County KS Sheriff’s Office

Carter Wetherington has been with Johnson County Kansas Sheriff’s Office for 12 years.  Wetherington started working on mobile computers about nine years ago and responsibilities expanded to include IDispatcher , INetviewer, CAD, ILeads and Archiving.  He has been active with the Central and National Users Group and is the administrator of the Yahoo IPSUSERS & IPSMUG groups.


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