The Benefits of Networking at the Conference

I am from a small rural town in Nebraska. Even though I work for a world- class, worldwide company, I do not relate to many people outside the United States. Connecting with people from other parts of the world and discussing metrology has been a real benefit in broadening my perspective of how metrology can be utilized in more ways in our industry. The relaxed atmosphere of the MGM experience also provides a relaxed atmosphere to be able to discuss things of a business nature, as well as get to know people.  It seems that in our company there are two types of people who are not familiar with metrology: those who don’t know what it is and do not want to find out and those who don’t know what it is but feel it can fix problems and want to know why our team has not used metrology to solve their problems. So it has been helpful to connect with people who have faced those situations and learn from their successes and their failures. I am looking forward to going back home and back to work with not only new knowledge, but also new colleagues I can contact about various issues and they can relate and give help.  I have really enjoyed networking and meeting people here at HxGN LIVE.


Guest Blogger Profile:

Eddy Sander, Quality Engineer, Tenneco, Inc


Eddy Sander has worked at Tenneco, Inc., for 35 years in several capacities including master planner, EHS coordinator and quality engineer with a QE Certification from ASQ. He is QE responsible for the Ultra Sonic tester and Hexagon Romer Arm. Sander has a Bachelor of Science in education with an emphasis in math and special education, and a Bachelor of Arts in business with an emphasis in organizational management.

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