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As an avid racing fan, it’s really cool to hear how Hexagon’s measurement tools are being used by NASCAR in order to keep competitor’s cars in exact adherence to the design and safety standards set by the NASCAR rules commission.

Although it’s cool enough news to hear NASCAR officials are using Hexagon’s “Arm” technology to achieve precise measurements, it’s even more interesting to learn how the race teams themselves are beating NASCAR officials to the punch by using it themselves to ensure they push the envelope down to the micron level on every aspect of their aerodynamics. And, because Hexagon’s tools can measure down to 3 microns (a human hair is 10 microns!), the teams are able to push less wind around the track, gaining a competitive advantage, while still staying within the rules set by race officials.

Add the fact that the primary team using this technology is Hendricks Motorsports, perhaps the most dominate team over the last five years in the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit, and you have a really compelling story on how Hexagon Metrology is modernizing even the industries with extreme engineering needs.

So, do you think Hendricks usage of this technology has anything to do with the team’s 26 victories since 2009? Or should we still give the world’s best driver some credit too? (Jimmy Johnson)

















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