Embracing the “Power” of the Power Portfolio


Every day around the world, we are witnessing dramatic change.  From urbanisation to natural disasters, we face very significant challenges in transforming change into action, which ultimately requires information.

Understanding change requires information to take the form of data and content.  True transformation, in fact, happens when we move from acquiring data to utilising it in ways that fosters understanding and insights.

Frankly, information is no different than wind. All around the world, the power of wind influences our daily lives.  Its experiences range from being gentle and beautiful, to powerful and destructive.

Many visionaries have recognised how wind can change lives for the better. These innovators understood that there exist possibilities to harness the raw kinetic energy of wind as a true source of power.  A wind turbine, with its three blades and engine, has the ability to generate real power.

Similarly, power and electricity are the information. The wind turbine is the geospatial software that translates the content, enabling the world to make smarter decisions.

Data is the natural resource. Data is the wind. Across the various industries, we work with organisations that struggle to understand the data and transform it into actionable information.

In examining Hexagon Geospatial’s capabilities, we are the equivalent of the wind turbine.  Metaphorically speaking, we take the power of wind and help organisations translate it into something very powerful.

In taking the theme of ‘power’ to the next level, we are changing the way that we refer to our technologies.  Our individual product names have not changed, but we now refer to our solutions as the “Power Portfolio.”

There are three categorical components of our Power Portfolio: The Producer, Provider and Platform Suites. Individually, these are incredibly powerful suites of technology, containing industry leading products that advance decision making for any organisation on a global scale.

The Producer Suite empowers users to collect, process, analyse and understand raw geospatial data, ultimately delivering usable information. The Provider Suite allows management and data delivery to others.  The Platform Suite provides tools to build customised geospatial apps and solutions using a sophisticated set of developer-focused technologies. This suite also extends geospatial functionality through modern and dynamic toolkits.

We provide the flexibility that allows our users to hone in on the products or suites needed to support their business and mission goals. Together, these three suites allow organisations to manage the full lifecycle of geospatial data management in completely game-changing ways.

Powerful solutions providing flexibility in a global market– that’s shaping smart change.


Mladen Stojic 
Hexagon Geospatial


About Author

Mladen Stojic

As the President of Hexagon Geospatial, Mladen Stojic has over 15 years of combined experience across Hexagon companies. Prior to leading Hexagon Geospatial, Mladen was the Vice President of the Geospatial division at Intergraph and before that, Senior Vice President of Product Management & Marketing at ERDAS. He has extensive experience in defining and delivering market and customer facing geospatial products and solutions. Mladen has held several Product Management positions across the companies, including spearheading the market strategy and vision for Leica Geosystems' growing enterprise and visualization portfolio. As the President of Hexagon Geospatial, Mladen leads all areas of the business, ensuring a positive customer experience from development and product management to customer support, marketing, and sales. His overarching goal is to lead the company and the industry into a new era of innovation. Mladen holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada and a Master of Science from University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. Mladen grew up in Canada, but his family is Croatian, and it is one of his greatest pleasures to spend time in his family’s homeland along the beautiful Croatian coastline.

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