Changing A Shape for Shaping Change

At the Big5 expo in Dubai three years ago, as I strolled lazily past a booth flashing red and green laser lights, I thought the products displayed by Leica Geosystems seemed irrelevant. My focus at the expo was pre-cast concrete construction techniques – persuading prospects from India to embrace these on their sites back home. The star of Leica Geosystems’ “laser show” was the Leica Roteo 35G.

With the flashing lasers still lingering in my mind, I received a call about a week after returning home – Leica Geosystems precision tools were to be pitched and partners were being scouted. As a result, many exciting journeys have come about, generating opportunities for us to create an impact.

We have featured the Leica Geosystems brand at exhibitions in large and small cites. “Leica? Isn’t that supposed to be a camera?”is the usual questions. . For those who cared to callus, the task began with getting the name right. Leica wasn’t an easy word to pronounce for uninitiated prospects—but that’s changing rapidly. With the emergence of the Leica DISTO, the market is taking notice. We believe we’ve awakened it – as pioneers of laser distance meters, we are earning and deserve our prominent status.are earning.

The task is not as easy as it is enjoyable, however. Products of the “West” are initially scorned at— not by large engineering companies, but by the everyday carpenter, electrician, painter and plumber—each of whom presents a real prospect.

The pocket-sized power of reliable contact-free measurement is reaching the working hands of the most promising economy. Isn’t it sweet that no matter what your business, a Leica DISTO is certainly needed? It is sweeter since the tool pays for itself quickly. This “small change” is shaping change via every hand.

It doesn’t stop there. The brand elicits further interest in the next level of tools. It’s typical to have a Leica DISTO user asking for more, hence the entrance of Leica construction tools. In particular, construction total stations are now attracting higher interest levels. Contractors have hitherto depended on hired surveying companies. Many are now keen to own equipment that delivers their everyday tasks smoothly, effectively and beyond just column placements. Each customer is turning out to be a strong reference in a rapidly growing market.

Cement giant, Holcim is a customer, as is Asian Paints. Archaeologists documenting 18,000-year-old prehistoric cave shelters in Madhya Pradesh, submarine vessels being built at Mazagon Docks, the tallest building in Mumbai, runway lighting projects in major airports and the rail coach factory in Chennai all have Leica DISTOin common. The list is long and getting longer and more diverse. Schindler Elevators now uses  a Leica Rugby; Tata Power takes recourse to the Leica Digicat; Alstom is served by a Leica 3D Disto; and Convoi, the Danish firm specializing in industrial relocations across continents, now uses Leica Builder for equipment positioning.

We provide customers solutions, not just products from a menu. We’re not hesitating to propose the Leica MS50 MultiStation to the company engaged in EOT crane diagnosis or make a case for a Leica ScanStation C5 scanner to the surveyor who has to deliver as-built drawings heritage buildings. We’re tapping them, they’re waking up. With a stable political atmosphere on the horizon, an increase in activity is to be expected and a bright future beckons us.

Ashutosh Pradhan
Vinzai Building Systems


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Ashutosh Pradhan is Director at Vinzai Building Systems, Sales/Solutions Partner Leica Geosystems, in India. An electrical engineering graduate, he has owned manufacturing units and marketed products for construction industry.

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