CAU Past to Present – Experience Learning, Networking, and Creating

I have been attending CAU as a presenter and attendee since its 2008 conception. Each year, I gain something new to take back to the office and share in trainings with the local user groups as well as assisting friends within the industry. Since increasing my involvement with the software administration, setting standards and specifications, I have experienced more interest in other sessions this year.

CAU’s presenters always go out of their way to ensure that all attendees who have questions have the opportunities to bring their concerns forth and get answers. I had my own questions this year. I previously had a challenge understanding set up for I-Config and troubleshooting ISOGEN. With the lectures, just like me, any attendee can gain knowledge that will assist you in solving everyday problems. The labs and hands-on trainings, with basic illustration and step-by-step instructions for the software, are incredibly helpful and give the user a real-life feeling of how the tools and mechanisms should operate. I am pleased to say that at this conference I have attended great presentations on specification, modification and troubleshooting, and software interaction. This is especially important to me being that I’ve always had problems with setting up the support specifications, however, this was well covered in my sessions. Through my sessions, I have discovered new ways to prints files, adjust for orthographic drawings, acquire field data by hand and by laser scanning and using point clouds. I have also learned about new software coming to the market that will allow users to view and review models and files with iPads and other handheld devices.

What’s even better is that after hours, we can sit down with presenters, colleges and friends at the conference-sponsored nightly gatherings. There is always something different to see each night. We can learn what others in our industry are doing and experimenting with and we can even see if we can assist our colleagues with the projects they are working on, or just catch up on how old friends are doing. One of the after hour events was pool party at the MGM Grand Pool, which was very pleasant, fun, and the food is always great.

If you have never attended a CAU, I recommend that you catch next year’s conference or any of the mini conferences.

Continually evolving while increasing benefits to clients–that’s shaping smart change.

Lee Smith
Downtown Design Services, Inc

Guest Blogger Profile:

LeeSmithHeadshotLee Smith is Head of Facility Design at Downtown Design Services, Inc. and operates Smith Design/Drafting. His responsibilities include coordinating teams for design projects in the gas processing, gas transmission, refinery, and skid manufacturing projects for clients and assisting in project management roles. With piping and structural design background, his major experience is in process skid design, unit layouts, and facility site layouts. A graduate of Oklahoma State University Tech, Lee has over 34 years experience in the gas processing and transmission, oil refining, and chemical plant industries.


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