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Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye to All Our Company at HxGN LIVE


Where else but in the realm of the Magic Kingdom could Hexagon have pulled such a successful conference out of the hat?

This year, HxGN LIVE found a new home in a city dedicated to embracing the spirit of wonder, imagination and innovation. For the last four days, Anaheim, CA, has played host to our annual international conference, and what a magical experience it has been.

Yesterday, the last glimmers of stardust faded from the Anaheim Convention Center, bringing this landmark event to a close. With more than 3,000 in attendance experiencing new, stimulating and fun content and activities, this year’s HxGN LIVE excited, motivated and generated discussion about the emergence of industry trends, market challenges, Hexagon’s latest front-line solutions and more.

We began the week on a high note with President and CEO Ola Rollén’s opening keynote “How Great Stories Take Shape,” which discussed how information technologies can be used to bring the complete story into view, allowing us to retell, reimagine and even rewrite our narratives. After the keynote, we got the party going with a “Taste of HxGN LIVE,” the wonderful evening event that featured some of Anaheim’s best food trucks and the fun and flair of a street festival.

Tuesday saw great track keynotes and sessions throughout the day, then culminated in the “Innovation 360” evening event, which gave attendees an up-close looks at Hexagon’s products and solutions. We also honored the organizations selected this year for Hexagon’s Shaping Smart Change Recognition Programme.

Despite the three-day juggernaut of activity that preceded it, HxGN LIVE’s final day was still energetic and filled with purposeful content. Things started with the PP&M keynote “Break through the Barriers with New Cloud-Based Information Management Service.” Brad Broughton, vice president of IM Solutions & Strategic Alliances with Process, Power & Marine (PP&M), Jay Schwartz, vice president of PP&M Global Account Management, and Adrian Park, vice president of PP&M Information Management, provided an overview of how engineering data and documentation are essential to effective project delivery and safe, efficient operations.

Great content continued throughout the day, with presentations on a host of topics from revolutionising census mapping and dissemination with Smart Client and Hexagon Smart M.Apps to the next evolution in blade inspection technologies.
It will be June 2017 before you know it, and by popular demand we’re returning to Las Vegas, Nevada. So here’s wishing everyone a very productive 12 months that will generate amazing stories for you to share when gather together again.

Four days, five tracks, thousands of colleagues and friends and a never-ending story of innovation – now that’s shaping smart change.


Kim Henderson
Manager, Marketing Communications

Kim Henderson joined Hexagon in 2013 as manager of marketing communications. Kim worked as an award-winning journalist for seven years before moving over to the world of corporate communications, marketing and public relations, where she has worked for more than 20 years, supporting major companies including Siemens, GE and Kimberly-Clark.



Foresight and Integration: A Recipe For Mining Success At HxGN LIVE


In southern California, the palm-fringed boulevards of Anaheim and the air-conditioned comfort of its convention center could not be farther removed from Enrique Sanchez’s world. Sanchez, senior technical adviser for Grupo México, is a man more used to the rugged environments of open-pit copper operations in Peru and Mexico.

Yet the contrast could only have added to Sanchez’s enjoyment of HxGN LIVE, where he represented Grupo México as a Shaping Smart Change honoree this week. Honorees are chosen for pushing the boundaries of innovation and implementing Hexagon technology to shape smart change around the world. They are recognized in a special ceremony that has proved to a popular part of Hexagon’s annual user conference.

This year was no different, as Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén was on hand to recognize representatives of 10 companies.

Grupo México was nominated for its integration of Hexagon Mining technologies at Peru’s Toquepala Mine. High in the Andes, Toquepala is the fifth-largest copper mine in the world, measuring 2.5 kilometers across and descending more than 700 meters into the earth.

Sanchez and his team foresaw tough economic times and decided to integrate Toquepala’s operations and planning technologies. They selected Hexagon Mining as a partner in this strategy, knowing that by aligning systems and cultivating these synergies, Grupo Mexico would be better positioned to weather the downturn in commodity prices.

Toquepala already was a committed user of MineSight, Hexagon’s mine planning suite. By integrating the mine’s fleet management system, Grupo México is now enjoying unprecedented levels of efficiency and control at Toquepala.

“Grupo Mexico is committed to improving efficiency across the overall mining process,” said Sanchez, who was interviewed on HxGN TV this week.

“Therefore, selecting Hexagon Mining’s state-of-the-art technology is critical to our strategy. Hexagon’s integrated mining solutions allow us to greatly improve our efficiency by shortening the gap between planning and execution.”

Grupo México is now considering Hexagon’s safety technologies for further integration with its fleet management system – now that’s shaping smart change.


Neville Judd
Communications Director
Hexagon Mining

Neville Judd is the Communications Director of Hexagon Mining. He was a newspaper journalist for 20 years before being hired in 2010 with a definitive brief: Make mining technology sound sexy. Hexagon Mining is the only company to solve surface and underground challenges by integrating design, planning, and operations technologies for safer, more productive mines. Who wouldn’t find that sexy?

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It’s Time to Bring Engineering Systems into the 21st Century


For too long, engineering systems have been treated as a special snowflake when it comes to technical support, systems administration and maintenance.

Unlike other business domains, which have rapidly adopted industry frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT, and professional service management tools to deliver best practice IT service management (ITSM) outcomes, engineering systems remain isolated, suffering from a lack of transparency, automation and predictability.

There are many factors contributing to this current state of affairs, not the least of which is the highly niche and vertical nature of the associated software products. Those of us who have been in the industry for more than 20 years can easily recall purpose-built computers and accessories that required individualised professional care just to keep the lights on, and today’s typical engineering systems management methods clearly reflect this heritage.

Outsiders looking in are often puzzled by the antiquated approaches and disorganised processes used to manage these solutions, but genuine efforts to transform the domain are typically stymied due to well-grounded fears of breaking fragile production environments. These fears are in turn triggered by a lack of detailed technical understanding of the way in which the software works from the IT and infrastructure perspective, leading to a vicious cycle from which few escape.

This special treatment comes at a high cost to the organisation overall in terms of reliability, flexibility and scalability, as well as within the engineering department itself. These costs become increasingly significant in the face of the ever-shifting demands of projects and the cyclical market for engineering and design services, especially by preventing organisations from taking advantage of some of the great leaps forward in IT such as cloud computing and business process outsourcing.

At TecSurge, we believe it’s overdue for engineering systems to be brought into the sunlight and treated with the same rigour and attention applied to other business areas when it comes to ITSM. We know from experience that there’s no longer any magic required to maintain and support engineering systems reliably and professionally, and that applying disciplined IT service management practices to the domain can and does deliver results.

We are proud to sponsor HxGN and present innovation that benefits the industry overall. Please come and visit us at booth 307 or via our website at

Providing solutions to gain predictability and control over engineering systems – now that’s shaping smart change.


Patrick Mackinlay
Principal Consultant

patrickPatrick Mackinlay, Principal Consultant at TecSurge, directs product management and technology for the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Curtin University, and has over 20 years of experience in the plant design industry.

Prior to joining TecSurge, Patrick held senior technical and consulting roles with NRX and Intergraph, after nine years with a number of EPCs as a systems analyst and administrator.


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And, We’re Not Done… Yet


I’m just back from the last evening social event of HxGN LIVE 2016, A Night at the Park, where conference attendees were treated to a magical evening at Disneyland. For the conference’s first time in California, there was no better way than to celebrate the success of the last three days of innovative idea sharing, forward thinking and limitless problem solving than where the heartbeat of creativity and ingenuity began.

As Walt Disney himself said “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”, HxGN LIVE has certainly been fun. From launches of never-before-seen innovations to presentations envisioning the next groundbreaking concept, Hexagon users are making the impossible possible every day.

Provoking Presentations

Quality control in manufacturing is breaking all previous boundaries with automated inspections and processes. Manufacturing Intelligence’s Automation and Industry 4.0 Summit with industry leaders and a hosted Q&A session sparked inspiring discussion about how rich data visualisation and advanced reporting leads to faster analysis and decision making for higher-quality product and more process stability.

Construction sites are challenged daily on how data can be better managed and shared. In Process, Power & Marine’s Integrated Construction Execution with EcoSys EPC and SmartPlant Construction, product strategists addressed how project controls and technology have led to today’s mobile worker creating tangible value in organisations from around the world. The industry is well on its way to strategic project intelligence and analytics.

In true Disney fashion, breaking the rules many times leads to innovation. Safety & Infrastructure’s The Art of Rule-Breaking presentation explored exactly how today’s technology landscape is shaking expectations and going beyond what is today to what could be tomorrow if we’re willing to break some rules.

Sharing is Caring

Meeting with several members of the media during the annual media luncheon, Hexagon CEO and President Ola Rollén along with Hexagon business presidents shared Hexagon vision’s to provide world-changing solutions for the biggest challenges of today.

Questions asked included:

  • What is Hexagon’s vision for manufacturing?
  • What is the outlook for future surveyors?
  • Are solutions diluting today’s measurement professional?
  • What is the future of manufacturing intelligence?
  • Is Hexagon’s focus on software moving to a hardware agnostic company?

At Hexagon:

  • Captured knowledge is moving to the beginning of the manufacturing process and combining assets to revolutionise manufacturing.
  • The next generation of measurement professionals will continue to bring the industry into the digital age and will do so with ease and comfort as they’ve grown up with technology.
  • Machines with built-in customisation are needed to automise processes that no longer need human interaction, freeing professionals to focus on bigger issues.
  • Computer tomography and 3D printing are moving manufacturing forward in an evolutionary process, not a revolution, which Hexagon supports with its many Manufacturing Intelligence solutions
  • Open systems and a flexible strategy are needed to support a diverse mix of industries, and hardware will continue to advance to support this inclusive software.

Leading Digital Design

Disney himself would have been proud to see the innovation displayed during the annual Geosystems Plan Contest as contestants shared reality capture deliverables.

“Our customers never cease to amaze in this contest,” said Mike Harvey, 2016 Plan Contest chair. “All the submissions proved how extraordinary reality capture can be, and it was no easy task to select the winner.”

Winners, alas, were chosen, and this year’s are:

  • Teri LeFebvre of Urban Systems in Civil/Survey .
  • Dylan LeFebvre of Allpoint Consultants in Plant/Marine
  • Chris Jacobs of Delta Engineering in Building/Construction and Buildings/Heritage.

Leica Geosystems will soon have a social media popular vote for this year’s entries. More information coming soon.

Though we’ve covered a lot at HxGN LIVE 2016 so far, we still have one more day to continue sharing provocative ideas and great stories.

Stay tuned to see how we wrap up this conference after Disney’s own heart of creativity and innovation. And always remember, “if you can dream it, you can do it.” —now that’s shaping smart change.


Monica Miller Rodgers
Communications Director, Hexagon Geosystems

MMRMonica Miller Rodgers, APR, is the Communications Director for Hexagon Geosystems. She holds a Master of Science in Communications Management from Syracuse University.




Navigating HxGN LIVE


After attending and speaking at HxGN LIVE 2013 at the MGM in Las Vegas, this year I’m attending and speaking again at HxGN LIVE in Anaheim. And it’s good to be back! There are many benefits in going to HxGN LIVE. Let me point out a few that I particularly like.

Getting to know the new stuff
Many presentations are about new or improved technology. Both hardware and software. So much is going on. Hardware becomes more capable, easier to use, more versatile, as well as more dedicated. Software handles data better, quicker and with more streaming. There’s also a focus on integration.

In HDS technology there are two major leaps forward:

  1. In hardware, there’s the P40. Capturing data at a higher speed combined with higher accuracy and almost without noise. Too great to be true? No, definitely not! In my own presentation yesterday, I proved this to be true.
  2. In software, Jetstream is the magical word right now. Steps have been made. More steps are coming up. All together, this is a major jump. Key terms include reduced file size, streamed data over the internet and improved performance in all CloudWorx applications resulting in increased productivity for all parties involved.

And there is The Zone, where you’ll see even more of the newest and interesting technologies.
Meeting the developers
There’s nothing greater for end users than getting in touch with the developers! They can help you out with some issues you might be facing. But it’s even more fun to hear them talk about the things they’re developing right now so you actually get to look into the future! That’s worth a lot, as it almost always influences your current business.

Networking is very useful. And there are so many opportunities! The Zone is important, but during meals, presentations and dedicated network events, I’m meeting new people all the time, as well as spending time with those I’ve met before.

Being back in an innovative environment surrounded by the latest technologies and meeting like-minded individuals- now that’s shaping smart change.

Sander Schröde

Sander Schröder is Innovation Manager at Coenradie Surveying (service provider in landsurveying, HDS and metrology) in the Netherlands. He has 30 years of experience in pushing equipment and software to and beyond their limits, with well-developed analytical capabilities to use and combine multiple systems to achieve far more than the intended use of product.

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Creating Great Stories at HxGN LIVE


Never forget how important face-to-face communications are in the world of business. Customers and internal employees who attended the HxGN LIVE conference understand how participating in the many offered sessions opened opportunities to absorb as much as possible. As for customers, being an employee in your organization is not enough. The HxGN LIVE conference can help customers get the knowledge to make strategic decisions to capitalize on the return of their investment.

Here are five reasons why HxGN LIVE is so beneficial:

Educational opportunities

No matter how experienced you are in your field, everyone can benefit from learning.  Sometimes working can isolate you from getting the exposure to new information that could be a major impact for your company or position.


This conference is a great opportunity to network.  Face-to-face communication with other customers and Hexagon teams can provide valuable resources for finding best practices. Why not help each other with great ideas and spark inspiration!

Exposure to new technology

If you want to know what’s new, the conference will show you everything the company has to offer with the best resources to provide details. Customers can discover innovative products and services for their business to make their job easier. Invest the time and see what’s new! You’ll be surprised!

Become an expert

You can absorb all the knowledge you can at the conference. After gathering the knowledge and taking action, you can become a valuable asset. Also, HxGN LIVE offers everyone the opportunity to speak at the events and write blogs. Everyone loves to associate with the expert, so get the exposure to show them you are.

Have a good time

Do not burn yourself out with all work and no play! HxGN LIVE can add that final coating of excitement to managing your business growth by mixing a social aspect into your learning. At the conference, you’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll have with interesting people!

HxGN LIVE is just the start of great stories – now that’s shaping smart change.


Craig Huling
System Engineer
Hexagon SG&I Division

Craig Huling is a system engineer for the Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure (S&I) Public Safety CAD Implementation team. Craig has been with S&I nearly four years in various positions including training, upgrades, resident service assistant and new implementation. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Savannah State University, and is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc.

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Hexagon’s Geosystems Monitoring Solutions in Mining


It is not by chance that monitoring solutions from Hexagon Geosystems are being widely used around the globe. For example, in Chile, the largest producer of copper in the world and one of the strongest industries in the mining segment, most of the Chilean mines are relying on that technology daily, and the results couldn’t be better.

In the use of geotechnical monitoring in the mining industry, it’s not only important to understand the processes over long periods of time, to store data or to produce reports. It’s also indispensable to increase safety for people, equipment and machinery in operation.

The process is quite simple: a Robotic Total Station emits an infrared signal, which is reflected from prisms installed on site. These output signals allow even small movements of land to be detected. Such data provides the neccessary information to issue early warnings of soil movements with greater reliability, covering large portions of land. The measurements are made 24/7, making the information available in real time to allow users to make informed decisions. Any movement of land, no matter how small, is identified immediately, ensuring efficiency in any responses to unexpected events.

Of course, it’s not only about the monitoring process itself. There’s a whole architecture composing the solution. The full system provides communication tools, and applications such as the GeoMoS Now allow any user to access the data easily from any device in an intuitive and accesible way. Plus, it’s possible to integrate several instruments to GeoMoS now, which is what we can expect from the future.

Measurements made from different equipment all gathered in the same platform, providing to the user a powerful, but simple and intuitive tool- now that’s shaping smart change.

Camila Fabiana da Silva
Project Manager

Camila Fabiana da Silva has a bachelor and a master’s degree in Geography from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas and State University of Campinas, plus a professional experience in Remote Sensing and GIS. Currently she’s a project manager for Geomatics in Appareil Ltda, a Hexagon Geosystems’ distribuitor in Chile.

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Finding Gold in California


As a Brit, I was a little surprised to find out that the state motto of California is a Greek word – ‘Eureka.’ Meaning ‘I have found it’, it’s actually a reference to the California gold rush and the prospectors of yesteryear who came to this part of the world in search of something truly valuable. And as HxGN LIVE gets into its swing with a packed programme of visionary keynotes, technical deep dives and solution demonstrations, I’m sure our attendees are going to come away from the conference with their piece of technology gold.

Tuesday morning saw visitors get their first opportunity to handle the latest Hexagon technologies as The Zone opened for its Anaheim debut. With over 55,000 square foot of innovative ideas and application demos, this huge technology expo was met with enthusiasm by delegates from all the conference tracks.

Following Ola Rollén’s Monday night keynote premiere, the track keynotes got underway on Tuesday with Process, Power & Marine kicking off the morning programme in the spectacular Anaheim Convention Center arena. During a wide-reaching presentation, Gerhard Sallinger welcomed special guest Johan Krebbers of Shell International to the stage to share his company’s experience and vision of project execution using cloud technology.

Next up was Safety & Infrastructure, discussing the changing path from vision to decision through six key technology trends and how they impact on public safety, utilities, communications and transportation organisations. Steven Cost also had company on the stage as he was joined by security patrol robot, RAMSEE. Finally, Juergen Dold rounded off the morning by taking a trip from deep in Earth to up in space with the Geosystems track keynote, which explored how we can improve the efficiency of our relationship with the natural resources of the world.

Back in the arena after lunch, the ideas kept on flowing as Norbert Hanke outlined the shape of progress for the Manufacturing Intelligence track, looking at ways that manufacturers can use data they already collect to add value throughout the product life cycle. Finally, Geospatial wrapped up Tuesday’s keynote series with an inspiring look at information and problem solving from the customer point of view. During Mladen Stojic’s presentation, the 20 finalists of the IGNITE contest were also announced as the $100,000 competition to create an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App that can change the world enters its later stages.

The keynote series as a whole emphasised the power and value of data, and the wealth that lies untapped within it. All five conference tracks showed how Hexagon technologies are helping customers unlock meaningful intelligence from data to make a difference in our world and looked ahead to a brighter future.

So is this just California dreaming? Not if the Innovation 360 evening event was anything to go by. Tuesday ended with all our attendees heading back to The Zone to network and discuss application ideas for the wealth of new technologies on show. Innovation 360 also saw our 2016 Shaping Change Honorees announced, recognising the companies that are already using technology to shape smart change. There was a real buzz in The Zone last night and as our guests departed to the various track events, you could tell that the great stories of tomorrow were already beginning to take shape.

With all these ideas on display, as HxGN LIVE continues I’m sure plenty of our intrepid attendees are going to have their ‘Eureka moment’ in California this week—now that’s shaping smart change.


Kate Bailey
Global Marketing Communications Manager
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Kate BaileyKate Bailey is Global Marketing Communications Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. She spent several years working as a creative agency copywriter before moving to Hexagon, where she gets to combine her job with her passion for technology.



Blazing New Trails in Anaheim


With the California sun as a beautiful backdrop, Hexagon blazed a new trail today, presenting HxGN LIVE for the first time from Anaheim. Monday marked the 2016 premiere of the annual international conference, which brings together Hexagon businesses, customers and partners to exchange ideas and explore solutions that are shaping the way we work and live.

Now in its sixth year, the highly anticipated conference is quite the global event, drawing thousands of attendees from more than 75 countries. The opening day gave attendees a preview of what they can expect over the next few days.

Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén, kicked the conference off with an engaging keynote address, “How Great Stories Take Shape.” In his address, he detailed how Hexagon’s information technologies leverage data and analytics to provide narrative, valuable insight, and ultimately, successes to customers.

The design of the conference also demonstrates that “LIVE” isn’t just a tag, but rather a core element of what this week offers. Attendees can get up close and personal with Hexagon through its many channels – HxGN TV, which has an on-site news desk and offers live streaming and unique, on-demand programming; HxGN RADIO, featuring podcasts and cool interviews;  HxGN Mobile App, which offers easy, on-the-go access to conference information; HxGN NEWS and more. These channels, along with the conference website and the Shaping Change blog, present unique platforms for current and future attendees to learn more about Hexagon businesses, their great stories,  products, solutions and people.

The excitement of opening day carried into the first evening event, Taste of HxGN LIVE. The street-fair-like celebration took place on the Anaheim Convention Center’s Grand Plaza. Featuring food trucks, live music and a conference-sponsored game, attendees mingled and networked until sunset. What an amazing night!

Tuesday promises just as many great stories as keynotes and sessions from the five tracks, Geospatial, Geosystems, Manufacturing Intelligence, Process, Power & Marine, and Safety & Infrastructure, begin.

I look forward to discovering what the rest of the week brings, exchanging ideas and learning together—now that’s shaping smart change.

Stephanie Johnson
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

Stephanie L. Johnson is Senior Marketing Communications Specialist with the Hexagon Corporate Marketing team. She is enthused to meet and collaborate with other Hexagon Thought Leaders, contact her via e-mail at



Seizing Digitalisation Opportunities



Efficiency + Connectivity = Engagement

For years, we’ve been discussing the impacts about the Digital Age. We moved away from static features to more intelligent solutions that solved the complete problem. We became faster and more efficient by automating processes. We shared more information than ever before.

What did that mean for the geospatial industry?

In Surveying, this meant leaving the tapes, lines, and pen and paper behind for robotic layouts and verifications in one step, and digitally sharing information between the field and office.

In Construction, this meant no more guesswork at determining the gradients for smooth paving or correct compaction, but digitally connecting the machine with design through automation to exactly dig where and how deep.

In Mining, that meant cloud-integrated, life-of-mine solutions to connect all professions in the mine to drive efficiency and safety when searching for resources that we need for our living

It’s time, though, we move beyond just going digital. Today, businesses need to continue to digitise processes and digitalise businesses. Let me explain what I mean here. Digitising is about the automation of processes through digital solutions, and digitalisation means connecting parties within or with our business that were previously not connected with each other.

Using disruption for opportunities

Every industry faces disruption, a change in how results are achieved and processes get us there. At Hexagon Geosystems, we seek out the opportunities in such disruptions.

When we envisioned the power of scanning for the surveying industry, we created the world’s first combined total station and 3D laser scanner in the MultiStation for efficient operations with never-before-seen detail. As smartphones made touch technology a daily commodity, we were the first to apply this in our industry as well. So, we made our Captivate layout and verification solution with this intuitive technology so measurement professionals would be just as immersed on the job as they are on their phones while at same time bringing the digital plans to the field. Knowing productivity and efficiency gains are some of the biggest tasks firms need to achieve, we envisioned the ability of one-man surveys. We, therefore, made it possible through ATRplus and Dynamic Lock on our latest generation of total stations and MultiStations, enabling these solutions to remain locked on to a prism in any environment without the need of a second person setting up targets, gaining efficiency levels that every operator aims to achieve.

You may say we even drive disruption just for the chance to innovate. We say we drive ourselves and the industry to never settle and always move forward. We’ll continue seizing opportunities as we are digitising processes  of as-build, layout and verification into one solution.

What does this mean for the geospatial industry?

When a business digitises, it becomes more efficient in how it produces, shares and evaluates information. When it digitalises, it undergoes a transformation – a disruption –  to become a connected ecosystem. Digitising can lead to digitalisation, and at Hexagon Geosystems, we’re helping bridge the gap to this ultimate phase.

In Surveying, we’ve connected our airborne users through the Hexagon Imagery Program to collect, share and democratise high-quality airborne imagery.

In Construction, we’re leveraging the synergy of Hexagon’s businesses to digitalise entire construction sites. With integrated and interrelated solutions, our innovation brings together all the players with all the information to plan, execute and manage any project.

In Mining, we take Big Data and turn it into a complete enterprise solution. From enabling autonomous-driving trucks to detect potential crash obstacles to instantly alerting mine managers to threatened slope movements, we’re connecting mines from the top down, from the inside out.

Shape matters in creating digital realties

As real world operations move further toward digitalisation, we continue to lead our industry on this path of disruption and seizing opportunities. Bridging from What Is today to what What Should Be tomorrow, measurement professionals are now able to work in the most accurate and current digital realities. And, with our lutions providing the shape critical to these digital realities, the possibilities are limitless for what you may discover yourself, what you may event disrupt.

How can you find your own disruption?

As we are continually looking for opportunities in disruption, we constantly need to be in the right environment to stay on top. You can create your own space for opportunity, too, if you:

1) Surround yourself with people that enjoy moving forward;

2) Never take something as is but look out for the should be; and

3) Are not shy to innovate and embrace change.

We are committed at Hexagon Geosystems to bringing the real world into these digital realities, giving space to professionals to create their own disruptions for more opportunities. Digitalising today for better businesses tomorrow, now that’s shaping smart change.


Juergen Dold
Hexagon Geosystems

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