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HxGN LIVE Hong Kong: Changing Locations, Changing Times


This year is racing away and HxGN LIVE Hong Kong is rapidly approaching. As someone who has worked in Asia, I wanted to share my thoughts about taking the conference to the region and give you an idea of what to expect from the event.

Earlier this year, The Economist highlighted the fact that in 1990 China produced less than 3 per cent of global manufacturing output by value, yet now that figure is closer to 25 per cent. Factor in the extensive supply chains that stretch across the region, and the Asia-Pacific region is probably producing around half of the world’s goods. Of course, no part of the world is immune to economic peaks and troughs, but generally the rate of growth has been impressive, and I certainly feel that exciting things are happening in Asia.

Of course, for Hexagon Metrology, one of those exciting things is HxGN LIVE Hong Kong. As a company, we’ve always said we will be where our customers need and want us to be, and this is why we are so excited to bring the conference to Asia for the first time. HxGN LIVE opens on 18 November with the usual mix of inspiring keynotes, unlimited networking and must-see technologies – alongside some new ideas and innovations to support manufacturers, such as our Automation and Industry 4.0 forum.

Why should you join us in Hong Kong? Well, for our Asian customers, partners and colleagues, this is the first opportunity for you to experience Hexagon’s international conference tailored specifically to the needs of your markets and your business culture. And, of course, for our international friends, this is a unique chance to see how peers in your industries operate in another part of the world. Wherever we are, HxGN LIVE offers tremendous networking potential. But in the truly cosmopolitan location of Hong Kong, I think this opportunity is even greater than usual.

Planning for the Metrology/Manufacturing track is well underway, and without giving too much away, I can tell you that The Zone in Hong Kong will be spectacular! We will have a full range of solutions on display, while the industry sessions and keynotes continue the story we started in Las Vegas in June. I’m looking forward to revealing more about our roadmap and how we are sensing, thinking and acting to ensure that quality drives productivity.

The title of our track keynote is “Change!” And there are many exciting changes on the horizon for Hexagon Metrology. I always think of us as an evolving company, but looking ahead I can see big news just around the corner – and I look forward to sharing it with you in Hong Kong.

Revealing new innovations at a unique event in the company of your valued customers and partners – that’s shaping smart change.


Norbert Hanke
President, Hexagon Metrology



Why Should My Friends and I Register for HxGN LIVE Hong Kong?


HxGN LIVE Hong Kong will open on 18 November 2015 at the Asia World Expo conference centre. With a keynote intriguingly titled ‘Change!’, what will be the major differences for this year’s Metrology / Manufacturing Track? What can be expected? I’d like to take a few moments to walk you through the exciting points of this event.

  1. Nowadays, initiatives such as ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘Made in China 2025’ are rapidly driving increased demand for information and intelligence in manufacturing. Hexagon Metrology’s new vision of sensing, thinking and acting – linking the data-gathering powers of metrology equipment, the analytical abilities of state-of-the-art software packages and the means to actively respond to problems through manufacturing tools – can become an important enabler in these programmes.
  1. We in Greater China have spent more than three years trying to bring HxGN LIVE to Asia. This is a rare opportunity we’ve created for our Asia-Pacific customers and business partners, and I urge you all to take advantage of it.
  1. In traditional shows, the demonstration area can be diminished by limits on time and space, and the crowded and noisy environment makes it hard for further discussion. The layout at HxGN LIVE Hong Kong is different. Our products – hardware and software solutions – will be divided into six areas by their industry applications: automotive, aerospace, 3C electronics, tooling and automation, heavy industry and energy and machining. This gives us the platform to show you the solutions most relevant to you in an environment that reflects the different stages of your manufacturing processes.
  1. Several hundred metrology users with diverse backgrounds will gather and communicate through this event. With Hexagon’s experience with its legacy HxGN LIVE event, we have the resources to make this first HxGN LIVE in Asia a resounding success.
  1. Visitors will not only gain first-hand knowledge of Hexagon’s latest metrology technology, but there also will be an opportunity to explore other Hexagon technologies including smart cities, smart utilities and safety and infrastructure applications. I expect these areas to be real eye-openers and to spark some great creative and cross-functional ideas.
  1. More than half of the presenters are from overseas and believe me, there are some outstanding technology experts in the world! Our Chinese speakers are all from top enterprises, institutions and education facilities within our country. In addition, there will be several chances to set up private meetings so our customers and users can interface directly with the top people.

In short, HxGN LIVE Hong Kong is going to be a great event and something you don’t want to miss! So come on – jump at the chance!

Zhou Liang

Executive President

Hexagon Metrology Greater China

Zhou Liang 1

Dr. Zhou Liang joined Hexagon Metrology Qingdao in January 2004 as Assistant Chief Engineer and has held several roles with the company before taking his current position as Executive President of Hexagon Metrology Greater China. He earned his doctorate in mechanical engineering from KU Leuven in Belgium, with a focus on precision measurement and precision mechanics.


Meeting People, Unlocking Potential: The Unique Opportunities of HxGN LIVE Hong Kong


I am very happy that HxGN LIVE is coming to Asia for the first time. When I attended the HxGN LIVE event in the U.S. last year, I was incredibly impressed with the inspiring messages, sharing of the latest technology trends, live demonstrations and chance to network with so many people from all across the globe.

Some of the memorable events for me were the presentations by technology partners like Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Bromley Technologies. Red Bull’s video on the fastest pit stop in the world was really impressive, and I’m delighted to hear that the team will be joining us in Hong Kong to share their inspirational stories with our APAC customers. Bromley’s presentation on the Olympic sport of skeleton was also very interesting. How often do we get to meet Olympians? I had the privilege of dining at the same table as Olympian and World Skeleton Champion Kristan Bromley, learning all about his sport and hearing how he used our ROMER Absolute Arm to inspect the sleds his company manufactures.

Such encounters are part of the beauty of HxGN LIVE. The event is a unique platform where all the Hexagon divisions come together to showcase our technology to thousands of customers. These customers can network and hear from one another about how they overcome production challenges and find creative ways to build new solutions for future. Perhaps you will meet your own customers here or your suppliers – or potentially even new customers.

In Hong Kong, we will have areas of The Zone technology expo dedicated to different industry sectors so customers can see live displays of solutions relevant to their industry. There will be application-based presentations describing new technologies in manufacturing, Industry 4.0 principles and how Hexagon Metrology can partner customers to improve their productivity and bottom line.

In the past, we provided the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of quality control systems. Today, with the acquisitions of statistical process control experts Q-DAS and CAD/CAM developer Vero Software, alongside our advanced shop-floor metrology solutions, in-process sensors from m&h and enterprise-level metrology management software in MMS, we are able to offer more integrated solutions that provide manufacturing intelligence for our customers. For example, instead of spending eight hours measuring a typical car body, our 360˚ SIMS system can measure one in a matter of minutes and provide actionable information in real time. This has a big impact on customers’ productivity and enables faster decision making – this is the type of innovation attendees at HxGN LIVE Hong Kong can expect to see.

I look forward to meeting many of our valued customers and business partners at the conference and spending an exciting three days discussing future challenges in manufacturing.

Lim Boon Choon


Hexagon Metrology Asia Pacific

Lim Boon Choon 1
Lim Boon Choon oversees the business of Hexagon Metrology in the Asia-Pacific market outside China. He joined the company in 2012, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in the process industry.


HxGN LIVE Debuts in Hong Kong


As a known leader in the information technology industry, Hexagon focuses on developing technologies that bridge the gap between ideas and solutions to the world’s growing problems.

Since its inception, HxGN LIVE has become an incubator of smart change—a place that not only showcases Hexagon’s innovative technologies from around the globe, but also brings customers and partners together to exchange ideas that have a global impact.

This year, Hexagon is setting the HxGN LIVE stage in one of the most innovative cities in the world—Hong Kong. For the first time, the conference will travel more than 7,000 miles from Las Vegas to deliver inspiring keynotes from the brightest minds in the industry. The event will also offer unlimited networking opportunities and exclusive access to the newest industrial and geospatial technologies.

The conference gives attendees the opportunity to explore Hexagon through various tracks. Each track provides an in-depth preview of the industry-leading technologies and products in their sector, in addition to break-out sessions designed to bring customers together to share compelling testimonials from around the world. Let’s take a look:

This track showcases how to succeed with solutions based on Hexagon Geospatial’s Power Portfolio of products and geospatial-powered applications from other Hexagon brands. Don’t miss the grand launch of Hexagon Smart M.Apps – the map of the future!

This track aims to provide an interactive experience in the latest in surveying, laser scanning, airborne sensory and machine control from Leica Geosystems and its partner brands. Get captivated with Leica Captivate, the industry-revolutionising technology that creates the most realistic 3D renderings with familiar apps and easy-to-use touch technology.

Metrology & Manufacturing 
Sense. Think. Act. This basic cycle is the paradigm at the heart of how Hexagon Metrology enables manufacturing measurement and inspection of complex automotive, aerospace, energy, and medical systems, enhancing quality and increasing efficiency.

Process, Power & Marine
Don’t miss this track as it enables customers to create, manage and visualise complex data through its solutions for plants, ships and offshore facilities.

This content-packed track is a combination of Intergraph SG&I, Hexagon Mining, Hexagon Agriculture and Hexagon Ventures and highlights Hexagon’s collective efforts to empower users with actionable information to solve large complexities.

Ideas need a strong foundation. At HxGN LIVE Hong Kong this November, Hexagon helps the big ideas of today grow into the innovative solutions of tomorrow. Now that’s shaping smart change.


Veronica Miller
Digital Marketing Specialist

Register now for HxGN LIVE Hong Kong, 18-20 November 2015, and receive the early bird rate of $399. That’s a savings of $200 over on-site registration. Don’t miss this great deal. This offer expires 7 September 2015.





Sensing, Thinking and Acting at HxGN LIVE 2015


When I was asked to be involved in the Metrology Keynote at this year’s HxGN LIVE conference, my first thought was “Hey, I’m busy; do I have time for this event?” But in the end, it sounded fun. I was able to juggle my calendar around to attend, so I thought, “Let’s do it!”

As it worked out, the keynote was just the start of an educational and thought-provoking week at HxGN LIVE, and it was a pleasure to take part. I had never been to HxGN LIVE previously and I had no idea what a significant event it is. The investment from Hexagon from a resource, preparation and support side is tremendous and should be applauded.

I’ve been a Hexagon Metrology customer for a number of years now. My company, B&B Manufacturing, is an operational excellence organisation. We believe in and embrace lean manufacturing and Deming principles, and it is these tools that allow us to continually improve the quality of our processes and remove waste, which in turn improves productivity.

The “Sensing. Thinking. Acting.” theme of the keynote I feel is something that resonates with all of us. As an example, on our drive into Las Vegas I used a traffic app on my smartphone and received messages that the app sensed a patrol car was up ahead. I then analysed the situation, thinking, “Am I speeding?” Finally, I may have needed to take action and slow down my vehicle to avoid a ticket!

During the keynote, I spoke a little about how our Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF has moved the sensing portion of our quality control to the point of production. We are also working together on additional automated feedback loops to drive an active adjustment to the machine tool through a touch-probe or from sensing feedback from a coordinate measuring machine.

These might seem like diverse technologies, but since visiting HxGN LIVE I’ve been amazed at the breadth of Hexagons involvement, from the case tractor to the new CAM software. Walking through The Zone brought to me an awareness that I did not previously have regarding the number of different solutions and industries that Hexagon touches. HxGN LIVE is a well-staged and coordinated event not to be missed by those that want to see technology today and where it is headed tomorrow. I will be returning next year!


Jeff Lage
Vice President, B&B Manufacturing

Blogger Profile:

Jeff Lage is Vice President at B&B Manufacturing, based in Valencia, California, USA. B&B is a leading supplier of complex machined parts, assemblies and complete manufacturing solutions to a number of industry partners. The company’s key focus is the aerospace industry.


Making a Habit of it: Four Years at HxGN LIVE


As a Hexagon Metrology customer for more than 15 years and a four-time conference attendee, I wanted to share my thoughts about the value of HxGN LIVE.

Over the last couple of years this has really been the spot where new technology has been introduced and where new software product announcements take place. Every year, I walk away thinking, “I don’t know if I can learn any more.” Then when HxGN LIVE comes back around I always think, “Well, we seem to learn something every year; let’s go again.” So I return to the conference and Hexagon always seems to have come up with something to surprise me!

Coming to an event like this has real takeaways for customers, and I have a great example of this in progress now. Last year I saw the HP-O optical probe here at the conference for the first time and one year later it’s something we are considering quite seriously for a particular application.

I like that this year was a little more focused on the automation theme; it is a personal interest of mine as my company has a well-established automation strategy for quality control. I was also a session presenter this year for the first time, which was a different experience and maybe gave the conference a different feel for me overall.

I was asked this week whether I come to HxGN LIVE for the technology or for the people. The simple answer is both; it’s a great showcase for technology, but it’s also a great opportunity to interface with people from Hexagon Metrology and with equipment users like myself. HxGN LIVE provides a better way to make connections and hold conversations that might otherwise be confined to a boardroom somewhere.

To anyone who is thinking of attending the conference in the future, but has concerns about the time commitment, the cost or the travel involved, I would urge you to just go! There are certainly advantages to attending. As I’ve said, I find something new every year. If you are looking for added value, you will find it at HxGN LIVE!


David Rose
Lead Quality Engineer, ECT, Inc.

Blogger Profile:

David Rose is a Lead Quality Engineer at ECT, Inc. Dave has 20 years of experience in the quality field with 15 of those at spent with his current employer. During HxGN LIVE 2015 he presented a session on automated quality control solutions.


A First Look From a Tunneling and Monitoring Perspective

Today is hot and sunny in Las Vegas. Up early, I promised myself I’d try to seek some more detailed information on just how the new ‘Captivate’ platform would be able to benefit KODA and KODA’s clients. I’m happy to report a few new features that I find pleasing.
ATR and PowerSearch 
My favorite development with the new release is improvements to the PowerSearch and ATR system. Additional intelligence has been added to the system that allows the user to denote fixed prism locations, which are automatically and seamlessly ignored by the system. The end result is a searching algorithm that finds the user target, rather than all the control and monitoring prisms on the project that surround you while you work. 
KODA’s NextGen systems capitalise on this new development – almost automatically. Some minor tweaks to the TS_Share application give roadheader and rockbolter systems a bump into the future. The new capability allows TS_Share to ignore all prisms, except the one of interest, greatly impacting the certainty of the prism search task in the underground environment. As such, convergence monitoring targets may be upgraded from tapes to prisms, or are no longer required to be covered and uncovered between measurement sets. Furthermore, convergence targets can be placed closer to the face, into areas that were traditionally held sacred for roadheader prisms only  maximising the value of the data to engineers and designers. 
A few discussions with highly knowledgeable Leica Geosystems staff members involved with the development of the new Captivate platform left me feeling comfortable that the solution is ready and available for use by integrated systems like KODA’s. For KODA, utilising most of this new functionality is performed via Leica’s excellent and well-supported GeoCom interface. A previous blog post gives my opinion on this and it is worth adding to that discussion today. 
The ability of Leica’s clients to fully develop applications that interact with and control their total stations is a model of technical and strategic excellence. Why? The adage “no man is an island” comes to mind. I’m sure Leica’s business has benefited significantly from virtuous feedback created when users have been able to enhance value for clients by creating bespoke solutions, which I would like think exceed the expectations of Leica. 
As a case study, consider the roadheader navigation system market. It simply would not exist today, at least not in a way that is as safe and practical without Leica’s total stations and GeoCom… 
…a serious fact not to be ignored.
Steven Garlinge
President/Owner, KODA Engineering LLC
Blogger Profile:
As Owner and Senior Engineer of KODA Engineering LLC, Steve Garlinge is currently leveraging extensive experience towards the development of next generation navigation systems for underground construction and mining. He is an accomplished engineer and manager with 15 years of exposure to challenging infrastructure projects in the resources, energy, transportation, tunneling and construction sectors. His experience comprises a number of long- and short-term roles including local and international assignments, consultancy and direct appointment.

Viewpoint From an Apps Provider: What Smart M.Apps Can Do for Our Company


So just to be upfront with all of you, I can’t actually use any Hexagon products myself, but my team can – and does. We have Apollo and Imagine through Sterling Geo, so that provides my credentials. My interest in HxGN LIVE is purely from a business perspective, namely how new developments in Hexagon’s portfolio can help my business grow, prosper and enable us to reach more customers across the globe with our great landscape intelligence products. So, if you haven’t already guessed, Rezatec is a geospatial applications provider based out of the U.K., We currently have customers in the water, agri, renewable energy and forestry sectors.

So, for this blog, I’ve reflected upon the announcements from Mladen Stojic at his Tuesday afternoon keynote and the comments at the session run by Bruce Chaplin really and have become excited about the possibilities Smart M.Apps offers my business.

The whole concept of Smart M.Apps fits really nicely with our company ethos as it is all about dynamic, interactive maps bursting with analytics. It is also about cloud-based delivery, simple development tools and really good-looking visualisations that also reflect our approach. But how does it help me resolve some of the challenges we face growing the business? How can it improve the way we create our apps?

  1. Access to new markets – We want to crack new markets – especially the United States–so how do we do that easily, with the right partners, without it costing a fortune? The App Exchange online marketplace is the perfect environment for us to push our apps to new customers in new markets without having to invest in all of the usual overheads associated with new market entry. It is a ready-made channel.
  2. Quick and simple tooling – The value of our business lies in the apps and the IP within those apps. We need tools that are going to help us develop our apps in less time but can accommodate our often complex and pretty clever algorithms and analytics. The App Studio looks to be a great set of tools to help us build our apps, however multifaceted.
  3. Third-party data acquisition – We don’t own our own data and while public domain data is great (and free), we always need to acquire commercial data and each time, it is more difficult than we expect and that slows things down. Content partnerships, such as the one announced with Airbus, takes away this pain and looks to serve up data right when we need it.
  4. Business stories – Visualisation is key. Our customers want our apps to talk to them in terms of business – not GIS or science – and support their decision-making. App Foundation looks to be a great tool for helping us deliver on this.

So, it was well worth the 11-hour flight to Vegas, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the Smart M.Apps toolkit and become part of this new and exciting global ecosystem.


Philip Briscoe
Marketing Director, Rezatec

Blogger Profile:

P BriscoePhilip Briscoe is a Director at Rezatec and has 20 years of experience in the technology sector. Previously, he was Marketing Director at Helveta, a timber supply chain traceability software provider. Prior to that, he held senior management roles for a broad range of companies from startups to international market leaders, including Systems Union, AMS Inc., SDL International, Cape Clear and TIS Software. He has specialised in helping to build, grow and change businesses by developing market entry strategies and tactical operational plans. Philip holds a BA in European Business Studies and a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) post-graduate diploma.


Fearlessly Changing the World


For all of those who missed being at HxGN LIVE Las Vegas this year, here’s a recap of Hexagon Geospatial keynote, presented by Mladen Stojic.

In a world of constant change we are faced with exciting opportunities. But fear serves as a paralyzing and disabling force. With every opportunity we have a choice to fearlessly experience change.

Technology today changing at an exponential rate, and can be quite daunting. So what are these common fears that haunt organizations today? Fear of spending a lot of money on data, and not being able to capitalize it? Fear of not knowing how to inject new data new data sources into your workflow. Fear of not being relevant – of not providing answers, but just maps.

Not having the knowledge of technology advancements puts you at a disadvantage. To overcome this, you need the ability to quickly and easily combine analytics, covering all geospatial genres together with multi-source content from diverse sensor systems.

Hexagon Geospatial helps you produce dynamic, and experience-filled geospatial applications that solve the many problems and issues our constantly changing world is facing today. Just like a wind turbine can transform the kinetic energy of wind into useful power, we are transforming geospatial content and software tools into powerful solutions that are usable and make sense through ‘Project Windmill’.

Customers struggle with increasing IT overhead costs and difficulties associated with rapidly keeping up with new versions of our products given our annual release cadence desktop products online. At the same time they could not release sensitive geospatial data outside of their organizations. We identified a way to solve this problem with a solution to stream ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia directly from the cloud to your desktop while not having to push your data to the cloud through Producer Online. Learn more.

Given the geospatial depth of the Power Portfolio, our partners and customers often build unique solutions that solve mission-critical problems. With the platform suite, we offer web and mobile-based solution frameworks for building geospatial enterprise solutions. This includes solutions for defense and intelligence, government, natural resources, mining, oil and gas as well as transportation.

We also recognize that our customers have a lot of existing data that they struggle to manage and ultimately use. Our new offering – a cloud-based service will allow you to upload geospatial content and then be able to directly access it from anywhere, at any time through Hexagon Smart M.Apps.

We also invite you to HxGN LIVE Hong Kong in November for the launch of Hexagon Smart M.Apps, along with the M.App Portfolio and Power Portfolio 2016.

View the full keynote here


Yashita Arora
Regional Marketing Manager for Asia-Pacific, Hexagon Geospatial

Blogger Profile:
Yashita Arora is the marketing manager for Asia-Pacific region at Hexagon Geospatial. She has over seven years of experience in the IT and geospatial industry in areas such as marketing, communications, content development and presales. Yashita holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, and a post-graduate diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS.


The Story Goes On …


“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

These are the words of American novelist Frank Herbert, and I can think of none better to describe the last day of this year’s HxGN LIVE. Yesterday we closed the door on what attendees have said is the best Hexagon annual conference ever. With more than 3,500 in attendance, more than 400 sessions and the excitement of HxGN TV capturing every second, the conference represented what happens when innovation and inspiration meet in a spirit of partnership – they spark ideas, dialogue, passion and all the good things that can change the world.

And even though HxGN LIVE 2015 has ended, our stories of shaping smart change will endure until we can gather again to share and exchange knowledge that will continue to move us forward.

We started this year’s event in high gear with President and CEO Ola Rollén’s opening keynote on Monday, and things never slowed down. Despite the three-day juggernaut of activity that preceded it, HxGN LIVE’s final day was still energetic and filled with purposeful content.

Things started with the PP&M Keynote “Digital Projects & Digital Plants – A Major Change for the Better with Saipem and Eskom.”

Luca Ferrario, project information management manager at Saipem S.p.A, Grace Olukune, chief engineer at Eskom, and Adrian Park, vice president of SmartPlant Enterprise solutions at Intergraph PP&M discussed how a leading EPC and a major owner/operator are leveraging data-centric solutions to significantly improve their operations.

Great content continued throughout the day, with presentations on a host of topics from investigating crime scenes with the Aibot X6 UAV and detecting and classifying solar installations in dense urban areas to best practices for implementing Intergraph’s inPursuit RMS and managing assets at Brazil’s Tubarão Port with Hexagon’s Smart Asset Control solution.

We’re still capturing the conference on HxGN TV, so be sure to check the streaming schedule and tune in for recorded keynotes, sessions and product demonstrations about your field of work. Please note session schedules are subject to change.

See You Next Year – Or Maybe Even in November

All good things must come to an end, but good news – only 365 days, give or take a few, until the next HxGN LIVE legacy event, which will be held 13-16 June in Anaheim, CA, USA (so get your mouse ears ready!).

But just imagine – in a few short months, Hexagon will be travelling to Asia to host the first HxGN LIVE conference outside of North America. With HxGN LIVE Hong Kong, 18-20 November, we’re offering you another opportunity this year to experience inspiring keynotes, unlimited networking and must-see technologies!

There’s still plenty of time to register for Hong Kong and to take advantage of discounted rates. And why not get the jump on registration for Anaheim? If you register by 15 June, you can save $700 over on-site rates. So be sure to visit today to register and save your spot.

We’ll see you again soon. In the meantime, the story goes on…

Kim Henderson
Manager, Marketing Communications

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