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HxGN LIVE Features A Future Built on Smart Solutions


Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) participated in HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s annual international conference, in Las Vegas, NV, the first week of June.  This year’s HxGN LIVE conference was once again a rewarding opportunity to meet, network and learn how our customers are making smarter decisions every day.  We had a chance to recognize a few of our innovative customers during my keynote with the annual ICON awards. These awards not only recognized an outstanding group of industry-leading organizations, but highlighted key innovation, thought leadership and commitment to customers and the advancement of new technology.

Our annual conference is an exciting opportunity for Intergraph and Hexagon customers and employees, allowing them to exchange ideas, learn from each other and partner to deliver the next generation of smart solutions.

Following the theme of “Smart Solutions,” we showcased numerous solutions and many of our innovative customers presented how they are using Intergraph software to make an impact on their organizations. We also highlighted key synergies with other Hexagon companies and demonstrated how our technologies continue to evolve.

During the keynote, I provided conference attendees a sneak peek into their future – a future built on smart solutions. Contrasting hard work with smart work, I outlined three areas that help governments and businesses work smarter: real-time data, predictive operations and mobile technologies. By keeping up with trends such as these, Intergraph can provide customers comprehensive, integrated solutions that solve their specific business problems. The result is smarter decisions and better results.

Speaking of better results, Teresa Smith and Mark Doherty led the panel discussion, Perspectives LIVE, on how smart technologies stay one step ahead of market needs. Joining them on stage were Intergraph visionaries Mladen Stojic, Kalyn Sims and Michel Gilles. The panel addressed many exciting emerging technologies and innovations and how our customers can benefit from those technologies, focusing on five distinct areas: sensor integration, predictive/analytic technologies, UAVs, cloud and mobile.

We also announced a few changes to help our customers better interact with Intergraph employees.  Intergraph SG&I launched a new global magazine, Perspectives. Perspectives explores important issues and trends affecting Intergraph SG&I customers, their industries and the world. The magazine examines industry-specific technologies and solutions for public safety, transportation, utilities and other public and commercial services.

And finally, we wrapped up the week with the unveiling of the new customer support web site, the Intergraph SG&I Support Knowledge Management Web Portal. This new site will allow our customers to access the most up-to-date support information in one, centralized location.

In all, Intergraph SG&I had over 100 sessions, more than 25 hands-on training sessions, four Icon Award winners, two panel discussions and two keynote sessions. Stay tuned to the Intergraph CONNECT Blog for HxGN LIVE session webcasts and recaps in the coming months. And make plans to join us back in Las Vegas next year at HxGN LIVE from June 2 – 5, 2014 for more innovative ideas and opportunities to engage and learn more about our exciting technologies.

Building smarter solutions and futures – that’s shaping change


John Graham
Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure


A Measurement Problem Shared is a Measurement Problem Halved


A little over a month ago, along with more than 3 500 other professionals, I was making my way to Las Vegas for HxGN LIVE. The theme for the 2013 conference was ”Great Stories Start Here,” and that got me thinking about the stories  our users have to tell to each other.

As Global Business Development Manager for portable measuring arms at Hexagon Metrology, I am lucky enough to be able to travel to the four corners of the earth, meeting colleagues and customers with various measurement challenges. I often find, regardless of where I am in the world, that many users’ metrology problems are very similar, and that connecting those customers has huge benefits. Having been a part of previous Hexagon conferences, I know bringing Metrology customers together at this unique event fosters new relationships between our customers.

The energy and enthusiasm at HxGN LIVE was unbounded as users across Hexagon’s network attended keynotes, informative sessions, The Zone (a full size technology exhibition) and numerous evening networking events.

Why should you attend HxGN LIVE in 2014?

Having attended what I consider to be our best conference yet, my thoughts have already turned towards our 2014 event. If someone asks me why they should attend HxGN LIVE next year, I  usually say things like:

  • This is a great platform to experience the Hexagon world and see what Hexagon offers.
  • Understand Hexagon’s Vision and Mission and get up close and personal with the management team.
  • Increase your product knowledge.
  • Get up-to-date and in-depth information and training about the latest technology trends.
  • Network with people from all over the world and extend your business and personal network.
  • Talk to the experts and get tips and tricks to help you in your daily work.
  • See how Hexagon is merging different technologies and makes a difference.

There are many more things I could list that make it worth attending HxGN LIVE next year, but the most important thing is having FUN:

  • Start the day with a great  breakfast.
  • Attend sessions and presentations from different tracks – think outside  the box.
  • Meet and connect with people with the same interests and work in similar markets.
  • Relax and play with new technologies in The Zone.
  • End each day with social events and network with people from around the world.
  • Spend an additional day to explore the great location and do some sightseeing, visit engineering marvels such as the Hoover Dam and enjoy the dazzling spectacle of the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Take  home all the experience and motivation and apply it to your daily work. Let Hexagon assist you in shaping change in your business.

I am proud of what we achieved at HxGN LIVE, bringing together a multitude of Metrology users who now have new stories to tell and new contacts to keep sharing them with. I look forward to meeting even more users with new stories to share next year. See you in Las Vegas 2-5 June 2014.

Connecting metrology users worldwide to make a difference – that’s shaping change


Stephan Amann
Global Business Development Manager
Portable Measuring Arms
Hexagon Metrology


HxGN LIVE – Closing the Curtain on Hexagon’s Most Powerful Conference Yet


It seems we just got started, and alas, it’s already over.

Last week the curtain came down on what has been described by so many as the best annual conference ever. With more than 3 500 in attendance, more than 400 sessions and the excitement of new media capturing every second, HxGN LIVE has been one for the record books.

Things started off in high gear Monday, 3 June and never slowed down. And despite the three-day juggernaut of activity that preceded it, HxGN LIVE’s final day was energetic and exhilarating.

This year, Hexagon introduced HxGN LIVE – a conference name that, as Ola Rollén noted in his keynote, truly represented the global network that encompasses Hexagon. More than 70 countries were represented this year in Las Vegas, showcasing the breadth of Hexagon’s reach. What else made HxGN LIVE a global affair?

  • HxGN LIVE TV. More than 8 500 people from around the world tuned in throughout the conference to watch events unfold. For the first time, Hexagon streamed eight hours of event coverage each day, bringing HxGN LIVE to those who were unable to attend.
  • The Zone. Perhaps some of the greatest stories to come out of HxGN LIVE last week were in The Zone, which housed 45 000 square feet of Hexagon technologies.
  • Synergies. Several new synergy projects were announced this week including Hexagon Metrology and Intergraph PP&M’s Smart Assembly and Intergaph SG&I and Leica Geosystems’ Smart City. During the Keynote Series premiere, the divisional presidents gathered on stage to discuss their new technologies.
  • Networking. HxGN LIVE hosted three great evening events that all took on a personality of their own. From bringing the attendees together in The Zone to an evening at an upscale nightclub to an interactive live talent show, the events were top-notch. Each track also hosted luncheons and evening events, where attendees got the chance to mingle with colleagues. Networking wasn’t limited to events – the conference was filled with opportunities to connect with Hexagon and other attendees via social media, video and blogging.


The week’s energy didn’t stop on day four. Here is the rundown of the final day at HxGN LIVE:

IntergraphPP&M and SG&I

Process, Power & Marine track attendees roused early Thursday, 6 June to hear a keynote speech from Mirko Stock and Satish Hota of Intergraph PP&M and Chris Thewalt of Leica Geosystems, who addressed a pressing issue among industrial facility owners – how engineering information can brighten their financial picture. PP&M industry professionals also learned how the world’s largest scientific construction project – the ITER nuclear fusion plant under construction in France – uses SmartPlant Enterprise.

SG&I track-goers spent time learning about the Geospatial 2013 portfolio, discussing sustainable management of natural resources, detecting changes in forestry and agriculture, managing spatial data for seaports and mapmaking for defense and more. Meanwhile, other attendees heard about the success of the New Zealand Police’s utilisation of Intergraph mobile technology.


Also on Thursday, PC-DMIS users viewed portable measurement strategies for the ROMER arm, time-saving offline programming strategies, custom user interfaces, parametric programming and more. In two other amazing sessions, presenters showed how metrology is being used in proton beam therapy for cancer. Throughout the week, metrology attendees were given the chance to bring actual parts to engineers for measurement and programming, which was a practical and hands-on approach that they seemed to really enjoy.

Users of Leica Geosystems’ High-Definition Surveying systems networked at lunch and offered insightful product suggestions. Forensics engineers looked at HDS for investigating fire, crime and building collapse scenes. Heritage building engineers virtually traveled to Atlantic City and back in time to the Forum in Rome and an underground archaeological village.Meanwhile, other geosystems professionals moved forward “Into the Drone Age” or learned about CORS/SmartNet and asset collection/GIS.

See You Next Year

All good things must come to an end, but cheer up – only 365 days, give or take a few, until the next HxGN LIVE. We’ll be back again at the MGM Grand in Vegas 2-5 June 2014. So keep the momentum going and make your plans to attend today. Simply register online at


Four days, four tracks, 400 sessions of innovation – that’s shaping change.

Kim Henderson
Marketing Communications Manager
Hexagon AB

When the Work Day is Over – A Recap of Evening Events


The Monday night meet and greet in The Zone was, as always, a high-energy time. Everyone has just flown in and is excited to get started with the conference. The vendor expo had all the latest and greatest on display.

Networking at the Hakkasan nightclub over drinks and tiger shrimp was an experience, and the follow-up SG&I event, Fiesta Margarita, was phenomenal! We had an outstanding turnout with a wide range of dancing and singing skills represented. The Tex-Mex spread was excellent and the margaritas were flowing, which always helps break the ice. Great conversations among old and new friends and peers with lots of laughing, dancing and even a duet of “Sweet Home Alabama” by John Whitehead and Ken Reese! The Fiesta found just the right balance of relaxation and fun.

HexFactor was over-the-top awesome! The crab legs, split lobster tails, oysters on the half shell and jumbo shrimp – now that was right up my alley. The entertainment was excellent and the venue allowed you to stand or sit around behind the stage where you could talk without competing with the music. Thank you so much to the Hexagon team for putting together such a great lineup of evening events.

Carter Wetherington
JohnsonCounty KS Sheriff’s Office


Guest Blogger Profile

Carter Wetherington, Johnson County KS Sheriff’s Office


Carter Wetherington has been with Johnson County Kansas Sheriff’s Office for 12 years.  Wetherington started working on mobile computers about nine years ago and responsibilities expanded to include IDispatcher , INetviewer, CAD, ILeads and Archiving.  He has been active with the Central and National Users Group and is the administrator of the Yahoo IPSUSERS & IPSMUG groups.


Three Ways Hexagon Changed a User Conference


Tell Stories

Hexagon’s CEO, Ola Rollén, is a rock star on stage. With a boyish grin and matching figure, teasing humor and  love for all things that relate to a point cloud, he opened the conference by doing something remarkable – he told stories. Some true and some fairy tales to make metaphorical points. I’m still giggling recalling his story about a people overthrowing their government, decapitating the leadership and forming a new nation. Their first task is to create a new flag, and the story of data, customers and Hexagon unfolded. Infinitely more interesting than a series of PowerPoint bullets.

Open, Frequent and Casual Access to Executives

Hexagon’s executives like the press, or at least they act like it. Considering that Hexagon’s users rely on the media for third-party commentary of industry trends and product information, what better place to give the media a close look at the company and their users. CEO Rollén’s luncheon with the media yesterday had him showing up in jeans and polo shirt, answering any of the questions we wanted to ask him in a chatty and engaging fashion. One journalist asked about whom in the military told Rollén about the need for ruggedized smart phones that can also scan the terrain, and Rollén’s response was playful: “Well, I’m certainly not telling you!” Big laugh from the group. “But I can tell you that our strategy is to …” as he launched into a surprisingly frank description about how they evaluate potential projects.

Last year at the conference, Hexagon Metrology’s North American president, Angus Taylor, hosted an afternoon round table with members of the media, which started off talking about metrology products and morphed into a philosophical discussion on management style, leadership, developing talent, internal communication and so on. Brilliant.

Contrast this with other companies that actually try to keep the press at bay, in formalized press conferences, afraid they will ask a question that is uncomfortable or one for which they do not have a scripted answer.

Invite Third-Party Moderators

Instead of using internal people to moderate round tables and panels (who know all the questions not to be asked under penalty of death), use “outsiders.” Our own Editor in Chief, Dirk Dusharme, was asked to moderate a series of interviews at the metrology keynote. Dirk, an accomplished industry journalist and comfortable on stage, was in an ideal position to add a dimension of reality and honesty to the interviews. After all, isn’t that what a journalist is, an “honesty broker?”

The three techniques above are just the start of a new way of thinking about how user conferences add value to … users!  All in all, it was a refreshing departure from your typical user conference.


Jeff Dewar
Millennium 360 Inc.


Guest Blogger Profile


Jeff Dewar is CEO of Millennium 360 Inc., Quality Digest’s parent company. During his career he has presented quality-related topics to  thousands of people on six continents, all but Antarctica.

Quality Digest is one of Hexagon’s media partners covering HxGN LIVE 2013.



The Benefits of Networking at the Conference


I am from a small rural town in Nebraska. Even though I work for a world- class, worldwide company, I do not relate to many people outside the United States. Connecting with people from other parts of the world and discussing metrology has been a real benefit in broadening my perspective of how metrology can be utilized in more ways in our industry. The relaxed atmosphere of the MGM experience also provides a relaxed atmosphere to be able to discuss things of a business nature, as well as get to know people.  It seems that in our company there are two types of people who are not familiar with metrology: those who don’t know what it is and do not want to find out and those who don’t know what it is but feel it can fix problems and want to know why our team has not used metrology to solve their problems. So it has been helpful to connect with people who have faced those situations and learn from their successes and their failures. I am looking forward to going back home and back to work with not only new knowledge, but also new colleagues I can contact about various issues and they can relate and give help.  I have really enjoyed networking and meeting people here at HxGN LIVE.


Guest Blogger Profile:

Eddy Sander, Quality Engineer, Tenneco, Inc


Eddy Sander has worked at Tenneco, Inc., for 35 years in several capacities including master planner, EHS coordinator and quality engineer with a QE Certification from ASQ. He is QE responsible for the Ultra Sonic tester and Hexagon Romer Arm. Sander has a Bachelor of Science in education with an emphasis in math and special education, and a Bachelor of Arts in business with an emphasis in organizational management.


Meaty Sessions with Many Ideas to Digest at HxGN LIVE


Wednesday was a HUGELY packed day, maybe even the busiest of this year’s HxGN LIVE.

In the day’s first keynote presentation, Intergraph PP&M President Gerhard Sallinger overviewed trends, while his VPs discussed how Intergraph has armed itself with technology updates over the past year that rise up to meet the industry’s burning desire for productivity, interoperability, quality and efficiency.

Just before lunch, Teresa Smith and Mark Doherty from Intergraph SG&I led a dynamic and thoughtful panel session that explored how Intergraph products mesh with cutting-edge technologies like intelligence-led policing, unmanned drones, cloud and mobile computing, sensor integration and predictive analytics.

Geosystems presented oblique imaging systems, and automatic generation of 3D city models. Leica Geosystems revealed the first results from the newly announced LEICA ADS100 airborne digital line sensor. And over a delicious lunch, High Definition Surveying users found out who won the 2013 HDS plan contest.

A Process, Power & Marine afternoon keynote with Mirko Stock told how Australia’s largest oil and gas producer used Intergraph’s new SmartPlant Fusion to integrate information scattered across continents. Another company shared how Smart 3D shortened time and effort in a large Middle East gas project.

During breaks between sessions, The Zone buzzed with product demonstrations, as well as a special display called the Public Safety Open House, and one-to-one consultations with Hexagon engineers in the Metrology Lounge.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

And the last event of the day was a blast. Entertainers showed their skills onstage in the huge MGM Grand Garden Arena during “The HexFactor.” While eating, drinking and making merry, conference-goers enjoyed watching the competition and laughing with new friends. We didn’t have Simon Cowell or Britney Spears on the judging panel, so the audience picked the winners. The field of talent was diverse and amazing, but in the end, singer Bianca emerged the victor. What a night!

If you missed the live or live-streamed sessions, you can catch them on demand at HxGN LIVE TV. Read the site’s menus for your field of work, and scroll down for recorded keynotes, sessions, product demonstrations and testimonials.

Between face-to-face, in-person connections and the innovation of new media, this week has shown how old ways and new ways can work together to create an exciting experience.

Bringing our global network together through new methods and the tried and true – that’s shaping change.


Stephanie Siegel
Communications Editor
Hexagon AB


Adventures in Hexagon – Deeper Into the Rabbit Hole


Day 1

Overall, it has been a good experience. There is a large number of nice, attentive staff to guide you. I guess you don’t have to follow the white rabbit anymore….

The mobile app has helped me get access to my agenda, so no more going through your bag and trying to dig up the agenda. Now if we just had a GPS “YOU ARE HERE” function!

I am sure more surprises are awaiting us in the following days, so until then…

Day 2

Day 2 started with beams of light! Wrist bands that blinked and synchronized to the music. The keynote was very upbeat and lots of interesting information was shared. There was information on the future use of data and where Hexagon is taking the technology. Overall, all it was a great experience.

Then it was off to the day sessions. Session rooms were big and well accommodating. There was great information and networking time with peers in each of these events. There were so many sessions to choose from, it made it extremely hard to select which ones to attend So we decided to divide and conquer and off we went to several of the sessions.

Then my mobile app started beeping NOTIFICATIONS and TWEETS! There were lots of tweets to get great stuff, to try to win VIP treatment! Off to happy hour we went. This was fun, trying to capture all  the VIP tweets, or notifications. It certainly kept us engaged.

The night event was great! Good music, great time to mingle and unwind from a hard day of conference work. The club was set up nicely and the VIP section was a blast. Can’t wait to see happens on Day 3.





Oliver Nava
Lead I&C Facilities Engineer

Guest Blogger Profile


Oliver Nava, Chevron, Lead I&C Facilities Engineer

Oliver is a Lead I&C Facilities Engineer for Chevron, as well as a Professional Engineer in Texas. He is responsible for maintaining and developing Engineering standards worldwide across Chevron. He has 11 years of industry experience in diverse fields including being an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in SmartPlant Instrumentation. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering from UNIVERSIDAD SIMON BOLIVAR (Venezuela).



Product announcements at the MGM Grand and networking opportunities


HxGN LIVE has been an inclusive event that caters to new and returning attendees. Announcements in the  Geosystems keynote, which was given by Juergen Dold, presented new developments. This included the launch of the Leica NOVA MS50 MultiStation – a revolutionary device that fuses Total Positioning Station (TPS) and Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) technologies into one system. The Leica P20 – another highlight from the Leica Geosystems keynote – was seen to take time of flight laser scanning into new territories as well. By the end of the presentation, there was no doubt that both the MS50 and Leica P20 were two things in Las Vegas that anyone could place a firm bet on. One with great odds!

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Overall the MGM Grand Las Vegas is a great location to stage the conference. The once Wizard of Oz-themed themed venue continues to be an exciting backdrop of exciting times for Hexagon. A lot of consideration had been given to making the people in attendance feel welcomed.

Encouraging Social Networks

HxGN LIVE also has been a useful event for social and business networking. The users that shape the technologies on display are genuinely valued and accommodated. Whether it is a conversation over breakfast or a meeting in a designated networking area, the conference has provided numerous opportunities to meet new people in industry. The idea that Hexagon users should feel they are part of a family has been well presented. This includes plenty of discussions about emerging technologies with a beer in your hand!


Adam Spring
Industry Analyst
PV Publications


Guest Blogger Profile

Adam Spring, PV Publications, Industry Analyst


Adam P. Spring has been working with 3D imaging technologies since the mid 2000s. His main interests involve 3D information capture, visualisation and the documentation of cultural heritage sites.



And They’re Off – Day Two at HxGN LIVE


Although we gathered Monday evening at the welcome reception to celebrate and take a look at the many innovative solutions springing from the creative minds we have at Hexagon, Tuesday is when we really got down to business, and it was a day and night to remember.

Our CEO and President, Ola Rollén, kicked things off in his buoyant style with an engaging and introspective keynote address. His opening remarks included mention of the long journeys so many attendees have made to be here. He recognized a few who came from as far away as South Africa, New Zealand and China, reminding us again of the vastness of the Hexagon family. He shared social media comments posted by actual attendees that reflected how eager they are to experience HxGN LIVE and the many reasons that draw them to the event year after year.

Ola then segued into the core of his address. With a focus on big data and the information surge, he described data as the new natural resource. With this in mind, he spoke about the role Hexagon technologies play in solving global challenges and helping our customers gain a competitive edge. As with most processes these days, it’s about doing things smarter, faster and cheaper. Ola discussed how smart solutions are the future, shaping the way we work and live, while enabling our customers to achieve their productivity and development goals. Smart solutions lead to actionable information, and this information enables us the work smarter in several key areas including:

  • Smart infrastructure – cost, time and accuracy
  • Smart resources – maximizing project return and safe uptime
  • Smart safety – right place, right time, right info
  • Smart manufacturing – cost, quality and throughput

Metrology Keynote

The day continued with divisional keynotes. Norbert Hanke, president of Hexagon Metrology, kept the momentum going with a discussion that provided an overview of activities ranging from metrology strategy to the division’s rebranding. With energy and excitement as he spoke of the present and future, Norbert described how our metrology technologies are being applied to help solve the challenges that manufacturers are facing today.

One of the exciting new ventures is our synergetic solution Smart Assembly. Smart Assembly is a collaborative effort between Intergraph, Hexagon Metrology, New River Kinematics (NRK, part of Hexagon Metrology) and Leica Geosystems.

Smart Assembly is Hexagon’s innovative way to link design information to the build workflow for large-scale construction projects. By integrating Intergraph’s SmartPlant Foundation with measurement data obtained by SpatialAnalyzer, the flagship offering of NRK, and the precision equipment of Hexagon Metrology and Leica Geosystems, it now is possible to have visibility of the dimensional quality of the parts, automating and optimising processes.

Smart Assembly will improve the workflow process for manufacturers that build ships, trains, trucks and more. Norbert provided some pretty sobering stats about the automotive assembly process – with very specific assembly requirements, the smallest error can end up costing as much as $25 thousand per minute every time the production line is stopped.


Geosystems Keynote
With connectivity essential to meeting increasing performance expectations, Hexagon Geosystems President Jürgen Dold shared what Leica Geosystems is doing to connect the world through the use of innovative technology combined with intuitive workflows that help customers make faster and smarter decisions.

Their big announcement of the day was the official release of the revolutionary Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation. Geosystems has teased us for months with the campaign “Change is Coming,” and the result is well worth it. The MS50 is an all-in-one measurement solution designed to provide users a complete and seamless workflow. It integrates advanced measurement technology, modern and intuitive field software, intelligent office software and Leica Geosystems’ first-class services to give users the ability to make faster, smarter decisions, across an unprecedented range of applications. It’s the world’s first MultiStation that combines scanning, total station, imaging and GNSS positioning in one instrument to deliver fast and reliable results.

SG&I Keynote

Intergraph SG&I President John Graham gave us a glimpse of the future and how smart solutions factor in helping create safer cities, better services and more reliable infrastructure. John highlighted Geospatial 2013, examined the trends that are shaping the future from intelligent policing to cloud services to the extension of data collection and operations into the field through unmanned drones, mobile technologies and more.

John told several success stories including how Intergraph is helping police officers in New Zealand protect and serve. Earlier this year, New Zealand Police, the unified national law enforcement agency, deployed smartphones and tablets featuring Intergraph® technology to more than 6,000 frontline officers. He mentioned the city of Edmonton in Canada, which has seen a 40% reduction in vehicle accidents thanks to help from Intergraph solutions that allow officials to review and analyze traffic patterns.

John also announced this year’s Icon Award winners – congratulations to Anglian Water, Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation, Christchurch City Council and Oncor!

Cocktail Reception
The day came to a close with a reception at the MGM Grand’s newest venue, Hakkasan, a club that fuses modern aesthetics with traditional Chinese motifs. Everyone had a great time as they visited and networked with friends and colleagues.  And based on stories heard around the breakout refreshment tables today, there were plenty of “after parties,” where people got out of the hotel and enjoyed the sights and activities Las Vegas has to offer.

Launching HxGN News
Actually, there has been a lot of emphasis this week on storytelling, and the one of the ways we’re doing this is through our new web site, Launched on Monday, this “all news” channel provides exposure to what the brands are doing to bring value to customers everywhere. Serving as the primary platform for sharing stories of innovation and success, HxGN News is reaching out through articles, blog posts, video and live broadcasts – offering news, insight and opinions designed to leave a lasting impact.

And for the first time, we’re streaming the conference – more than eight hours over three days – out to the world. Anyone who isn’t here in person can still get the 4-1-1 on the most in-demand sessions and events via their computer or mobile device.

We’re thrilled to truly bring the conference to life through the use of a variety of media.

Providing news our customers, partners and employees can use to create a smarter, better world for all – that’s shaping change.

Kim Henderson
Marketing Communications Manager
Hexagon AB

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