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Shaping Smart Change for Essential Services


You flip a switch for light, turn on a faucet for water, commute to work on a highway, and call 9-1-1 for an ambulance or police officer. In our everyday lives, we often take these conveniences for granted. Yet, these are services that are essential to modernity.

Behind these essential services are public safety and security agencies, utility and communications providers, transportation departments, and government organizations; all with business and technology needs as complex as the communities they support. It’s within these industries and organizations that Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s solutions support the delivery of essential services. As with many other industries, shifts in technologies, public policy, and other external factors are changing how these organizations operate and provide value to their citizens and customers.

Consider the global adoption and usage of mobile phones. How does this shift in technology affect emergency dispatchers using a communications network designed for landlines? Witnesses can take photos, record videos, post to social media, and send text messages on smartphones. How are these media modes captured and communicated to support better emergency response? For utility companies, how does deregulation impact business operations, network management, and enterprise data sharing with third parties? Or how does the increase in severe weather events change how utility providers manage the restoration process? How does the global population shift to urban areas impact transportation infrastructure and modes? This is just a glimpse into the real challenges and questions our customers face day in and day out.

We shape smart change for our customers by proactively addressing these problems with forward-looking technology solutions – helping them close the gap between “what is” and “what should be.” For us, shaping smart change is partnering with ESB Networks, Ireland’s electricity distribution system operator, to implement a new utility GIS that ensures service delivery, integrates enterprise IT systems, and manages the full life cycle of its network assets. It’s helping India’s Madhya Pradesh Police leverage incident management technology to deal with 100,000 calls per day from 27 cities and reduce response times in urban areas from 30-60 minutes to five minutes or less. For us, shaping smart changing is helping CET in Sao Paulo, Brazil, respond to 13,000 traffic accidents a day, or helping the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety automate permitting for 200,000 annual oversize/overweight requests, or helping Germany’s Kassel Fire Brigade manage and respond to the country’s growing refugee crisis. Shaping smart change is taking a customer’s vision and turning it into an innovative solution and approach that significantly benefits their citizens and customers.

Shape matters to Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. To demonstrate this focus, we’ve launched a new video and creative elements to signify the importance of shaping smart change. The foundational concept is the power of location. In the industries we serve, location is key. It’s about being in the right place at the right time with the right information. I encourage you to visit our site to learn more and view the video.

Behind the simplest conveniences and comforts of modern life are complex systems with people, process, and technology – all functioning together. So, the next time you flip on a light switch, drive down the road, or call 9-1-1, consider the organizations and the technologies that make these essential services even possible. Consider what change demands, and what Hexagon delivers. From tramlines to power lines to the front lines of public safety around the world, we’re there when needed – that’s shaping smart change.


Steven Cost
President, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure


What to Expect from Hexagon at Smart City Expo World Congress


The Smart City Expo World Congress  will be held November 15-17 at the Gran Via Venue in Barcelona, Spain. For this year’s expo, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Hexagon Geospatial will team up to present geospatial and infrastructure enterprise solutions designed to make today’s growing cities even smarter.

Our booth (F630) will feature Hexagon’s latest innovative solutions in three  areas: smart cities, safe cities and smart utilities. Here’s a look at some of the topics we will present in our booth and during parallel sessions on the afternoon of November 15:

Smart Cities

Around the world, cities and metropolitan areas are growing faster year over year. Facing higher energy demands, environmental degradation, rising crime rates and strained infrastructure, the cities of today and tomorrow need smart solutions to successfully manage the great urban migration. In this set of workshops, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure experts will discuss how public safety, utilities and transportation organizations can leverage computer-aided dispatch systems and planning and response applications for smart city monitoring and control.

Hexagon Geospatial experts will demonstrate how the Hexagon Smart M.App helps shape smarter sities.  Smart M.Apps are focused, streamlined applications that transform and communicate information in a way that makes sense. They visualize roads, sewers and even charging points for electric cars in a real-time dashboard, providing insight to citizens, workers and elected officials.

Also in this group of workshops, the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona will highlight its SIMUE product – a solution built on top of Hexagon’s GeoMedia platform that creates, analyzes, manages and evaluates cities and urban areas based on geospatial information. The Hamburg Port Authority will also discuss its smartPORT efforts.

Safe Cities

A smart city is a safe city. In this group of workshops, Hexagon will discuss technology trends in the public safety and security industry. Hexagon experts will highlight the latest version of Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD 9.4) and Intergraph Security, as well as share key insights and successes from its customers. Hexagon’s partner Huawei will also present a joint safe cities solution. Live demos of I/CAD integrated with Huawei eLTE will be held in the Huawei booth.

Smart Utilities

The information demands from today’s utilities and communications consumers are fundamentally changing how network operators do business. The great urban migration is also changing how utility and communication providers keep their networks operationally ready. In this group of workshops, Hexagon will discuss technology trends in the utilities and communications industry. Hexagon experts will highlight Intergraph NetWorks – Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s new flexible software suite that provides secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities across the utilities enterprise. Hexagon will also highlight Intergraph G/Technology and Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works and share key insights from projects and customers. In addition, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure will have a booth (3H132) at European Utility Week, held in a pavilion next to Smart City Expo, where experts will present these solutions.

If you’re attending this year’s Smart City Expo World Congress, we hope that you’ll stop by Booth F630, watch our parallel sessions and check out the smart city technology we have to offer. If you would like more information about our presence at the event, feel free to contact me.

Providing solutions that help keep cities safer and smarter – now that’s shaping smart change.

Laurent Pellois

Account Manager

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Spain


With more than a decade of experience, Laurent Pellois is an Area Manager in Spain and works with public safety, utility, communications, and government agencies to develop solutions that are shaping smart change across the country.




Turning Vision into Decision at HxGN LIVE


The journey of turning your organization’s vision into a reality requires many decisions along the way. But sometimes our eyes deceive us. What we envision and see isn’t always what’s real or accurate. While the decisions based on this deception might seem logical and sound at the time, they actually result in outcomes that put you nowhere close to your intended vision.

At Safety & Infrastructure, we see it as our responsibility to be your trusted advisor when it comes to harnessing innovation, actualizing your vision, and getting the most out of your technology investments. We continually seek out and explore technologies to take your organization places never before possible. In my HxGN LIVE keynote “Turning Vision into Decision,” I will discuss and explore six cutting-edge tech trends shaping how public safety, utilities, communications, and transportation organizations operate and serve customers today – and tomorrow. While I can’t reveal all my secrets, I can tell you that each of these trends will be highlighted by industry thought leaders, customer examples, and real-world demos of our solutions. My hope is you will leave the conference entertained, informed, and inspired.

The entire Safety & Infrastructure track has been designed with you in mind. Our topics, expert panels, customer stories, and product and solution demos will help you gain a clearer vision of what’s possible for your organization. And you’ve already made a crucial decision in turning your vision into reality – you decided to attend HxGN LIVE.

With all of the activities happening during the conference, you’re going to be busy. But I hope you take a moment, soak it all in, and internalize how all of our innovative technologies and ideas can help you on your journey- now that’s shaping smart change.

See you at the conference,

Steven Cost
Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

Steven-CostSteven Cost, president of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, directs the overall global strategy for the division. A certified public accountant, he holds a master’s degree in business administration from Vanderbilt University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama.

Prior to joining Hexagon, Cost served as vice president and corporate controller for Adtran Inc. and has also held senior financial management roles at AVEX Electronics and Benchmark Electronics.



Connecting with Change: The Other Side of the Coin


Mobility, the cloud, big data and the Internet of Things are fundamentally changing how organizations operate and how people work. In an age of hyper connectivity, where there are no boundaries between physical and virtual worlds, some view these technologies as disruptive, creating challenges that far exceed the organizational value they intend to deliver.

At Intergraph SG&I, we see the other side of the coin. Cloud computing, data analysis tools and mobile applications are transforming how our customers serve the needs of their citizens and customers. We view this transformation – and its challenges – as an opportunity to develop solutions that help our customers successfully harness these technologies, empowering them to make smarter decisions faster, deliver better services with fewer resources and keep pace with an ever-evolving technology landscape.

Consider records management systems. They are fundamental to law enforcement agencies and crucial to managing operations, cases and investigations and more. Yet many agencies use antiquated records management systems. Not only are they incompatible with the changes underway in enterprise IT, they are incompatible with how officers in the field work. Today’s officers and their supervisors need a solution that allows them to access and share information anywhere – whether from the desktop or on mobile devices. IT administrators need a comprehensive enterprise information management system that is easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy for end users.

Cloud, mobile and data analysis come together in Intergraph SG&I’s inPURSUIT WebRMS, which we are featuring during HxGN LIVE 2015. inPURSUIT WebRMS is a cloud-deployable, enterprise information management system that delivers quick access to data whenever and wherever needed. Scalable for single and multi-agency use, it serves all facets of law enforcement operations and administration. inPURSUIT WebRMS also features embedded interfacing and analytics capabilities, helping agencies effectively manage resources, identify important trends and improve public safety.

While we are excited to launch inPURSUIT WebRMS for the global law enforcement community at HxGN LIVE this year, it is only one of many solutions for public safety agencies, utility companies and more that Intergraph SG&I will showcase during the conference. And, of course, we are only one of the many Hexagon brands on display.

Your participation at HxGN LIVE is invaluable. For those of you still on the fence, I encourage you to sign up today. It is an opportunity to meet our experts, learn about our technologies first-hand, receive hands-on training and create lasting connections with Hexagon and other attendees. For those who have already registered, I hope to see you around the conference.

Enjoy your time at HxGN LIVE!


Steven Cost
President, Intergraph SG&I

Blogger Profile:

Steven CostSteven Cost, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) President, directs the overall global strategy for the division. A Certified Public Accountant, he holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Vanderbilt University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama. Prior to joining Intergraph in 2007, Cost served as Vice President and Corporate Controller for Adtran Inc. and has also held senior financial management roles at AVEX Electronics and Benchmark Electronics.


How Does Hexagon Measure Up in an Ever-Changing World?


Every day, we read about the advent of a new technology or advancements of existing technologies. Just 10 years ago, smartphones were almost unheard of, but today, nearly 2 billion people worldwide own one. The resulting app ecosystem has grown manifold and changed livelihoods. Smart technology is everywhere, and every business wants to take advantage of this trend to improve workflows and thereby improve efficiency.

When considering the smart ecosystem, name an emerging technology trend and it’s very likely a Hexagon brand is associated with it. Around the world, Hexagon is seen as a leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity improvements across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

Talk about 3D laser scanning and BIM, and Leica Geosystems is a leader. When it comes to precision measurement, one can’t beat Hexagon Metrology.

Another positive aspect of Hexagon is its large network of companies that develop solutions that complement offerings across the entire Hexagon technologies portfolio. Through a well-developed strategy, this is enabling synergy and ensures that customers are able to produce bigger output than the sum of the original parts.

Cloud/client computing and drones and the internet of things within the consumer space are often termed as the next big things in technology. In engineering, we have SmartPlant Cloud, and in the geospatial industry, Aibotix is becoming one of the most sought after intelligent autonomous vehicles.

Intergraph SG&I has been supporting utilities  and defence for years now. Solutions like Mobile Alert are aiding governments worldwide in smart governance. At the same time, food safety for the world populace can’t be ignored. One of Hexagon’s newest brands, Hexagon Agriculture, addresses this issue.

To support all the above, Hexagon leadership has embraced social media in a big way. The CEO and divisional presidents are active twitter users. This helps them keep their ears to the ground. In addition, Hexagon brands have their own social identities, which helps in understanding customer needs and spreading key messages.

Being at the forefront of innovation to make a positive impact on an ever-changing world – that’s shaping smart change.

Excited about the possibility of bringing change to your place? Join us at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas to learn more. Take advantage of the Act Fast Rate through April 20 and save!


Chethan Srikrishna
Senior Software Analyst
Hexagon Geospatial

Blogger Profile:

chethan_sChethan has been with Hexagon since 2011. Passionate about geospatial technology and telecommunications, he keeps a close watch on industry trends and admires the way Hexagon synergises different technologies.


A Night of New Traditions


There are many incredible aspects of my role as CEO. One that I enjoy the most is traveling to our different offices and meeting new people within the Hexagon family.

Last night’s 45th anniversary and grand unveiling of Intergraph’s new headquarters in Madison, AL, USA, was an extraordinary moment – not only in the history of Intergraph, but also in Hexagon’s history. Less than four years ago, Intergraph joined the Hexagon family – a fundamental move in Hexagon’s growth strategy. The building marks another new chapter for Intergraph, symbolizing our willingness to go to new places together.

At Hexagon, we’ve always valued collaboration because we understand the strength and the growth potential it offers. The architects and interior designers were challenged to create a space where creative energy could thrive. They succeeded in creating a beautiful yet functional environment where employees can gather and promote ideas.

I believe amazing things will come from this new facility and I feel honored to have been able to participate in its dedication. Exciting times lie ahead!

New collaboration, new learning and new traditions – that’s shaping smart change.


Ola Rollén
President and CEO


Innovation and Collaboration: Intergraph SG&I at HxGN LIVE


One word comes to mind when I think about HxGN LIVE: collaboration.HxGN LIVE is the place to network with peers and experts and learn more about Hexagon products and solutions. Our goal is to facilitate this collaboration. We bring people together to discuss how Intergraph SG&I can contribute to their success.

Our customers are innovative. They continuously develop new ideas and best practices for using Intergraph solutions. Utility companies use our software as part of their smart grid efforts. Public safety organizations have transformed the way communications center and field personnel operate.

At this year’s conference, we’ll present new opportunities to continue this innovation. Two of our hot topics will be mobility and predictive analytics.

By extending critical information to the field via laptops, tablets, smartphones and (in the near future) wearables, organizations can improve productivity, from responses for public safety to the delivery of utility services. On the analytics side, mining and analyzing the volumes of data produced by enterprise systems can help improve operations. In some cases, that means using data – such as law enforcement incident reports or smart meter information – to address the next problem before it occurs in a predictive and proactive manner.

The foundation for these new capabilities is a strong core operational system. At HxGN LIVE, we’ll unveil our new computer-aided dispatch system, I/CAD 9.3, which leverages next-generation communications, improves mobility and safety and reduces deployment time and costs for public safety agencies.

For attendees looking to learn more about these solutions or talk with Intergraph experts, we’ll showcase our products and solutions in The Zone. Attendees will see our solutions first-hand and spend time with Intergraph experts who can answer questions and provide demonstrations. Also, we’ve listened to our customers and dedicated more focus to training this year. Our attendees will have the opportunity to learn and engage more than ever before.

We also have fun activities planned for attendees throughout the week, as well as contests and giveaways. Be on the lookout for opportunities to win at the conference, as well as promotions before June arrives.

At HxGN LIVE, our customers have access to all our resources in one, convenient location. We value this collaboration and the input we receive from customers and attendees. They help us build better solutions moving forward. HxGN LIVE is a win-win for everyone.

Real collaboration leads to innovation solutions– that’s shaping smart change. 


Steven Cost
Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure

Guest Blogger Profile:


Steven Cost, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) President, directs the overall global strategy for the division. A Certified Public Accountant, he holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Vanderbilt University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama. Prior to joining Intergraph in 2007, Cost served as Vice President and Corporate Controller for Adtran Inc. and has also held senior financial management roles at AVEX Electronics and Benchmark Electronics.


Standing United While Demonstrating New Innovative Technology


India Geospatial Forum is the leading industry conference in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), and we couldn’t think of a better event at which to launch a restructured Hexagon brand in the region.

At the conference, we represented a united front, with Hexagon prominently displayed and supported by its brand – Hexagon Geospatial, Intergraph®, and Leica Geosystems (distributed by Elcome Technologies in India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leica Geosystems). Just take a look at our booth to see the visual impact we made.

GeoMax, also a Hexagon brand, was right around the corner from us, providing an inside look at their comprehensive portfolio of integrated instruments for the surveying, mapping and construction industries.

To showcase our end-to-end geospatial solution, the booth was designed to reflect integration between the brands that are a one-stop-shop for customers. Keeping the conference audience in mind, we focused on four (out of many) industries we serve – natural resources management, land and cadastral mapping, utilities, infrastructure and construction.

As you hopefully know by now, Hexagon Geospatial is the newest member of the Hexagon family – a new business unit that focuses on core geospatial technology stacked within Intergraph’s vertical market solutions (read more). Hexagon Geospatial’s product launches – especially the free crowdsourcing citizen app and Mobile Alert– were star attractions and tough competition for other products throughout the show. Leica Geosystems launched their Leica Nova MS50, the world’s first multi-station that combines every significant measuring technology in one device – this instrument will further help customers in India to integrate laser scanning with survey data to collect more accurate and useable geospatial information for their applications.

Aibotix, a manufacturer of intelligent multicopter systems for high-efficiency aerial applications recently acquired by Hexagon, showcased the Aibotix X6 Hexacopter by flying it above the booths!

Hexagon had its presence felt throughout the conference, with Juergen Dold (President, Hexagon Geosystems), Brad Skelton (CTO, Hexagon Geospatial), Ajay Seth (President, Hexagon India), Rolf Schaeppi (Director Geospatial Solution, Leica Geosystems) and me leading keynotes, CIO Forums and strategic meetings.

All-in-all, it was a great experience to integrate all brands and stand united. We hope to see you next year too!

Standing united while demonstrating new innovative technology – that’s shaping smart change.


Kaushik Chakraborty
Vice President, Hexagon India


The Story Behind the Numbers


I’m a numbers guy. I think in terms of dollars and cents (and euros, renminbi, pounds and so on). Numbers are tangible. They define results and measure success.

But numbers don’t always tell you the whole story. For that, you need context. Otherwise, you might miss the true meaning behind them and, in the process, lose sight of what they represent.

While measurability defined my efforts as Intergraph’s chief financial officer and will continue to guide my approach as the new president of Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I), I’m also driven by something more. Our customers deserve and demand the best because they’re responsible for the safety of citizens, the reliability of utility and transportation systems and the delivery of public services.

But the solutions to optimize their efforts are not one size fits all. With the recent creation of Hexagon Geospatial, we can now focus on what we do best – providing integrated solutions tightly aligned to industry-specific work processes and smart enough to adapt to changing needs. Together, we provide the best of both worlds: a world-class Hexagon Geospatial software platform and best-of-breed industry solutions that help customers do things smarter, faster, with less effort and less waste.

While underlying technology themes like big data, cloud, analytics and mobile are important to every customer, the true measurement of our success is delivering results via technologies that work in exactly the way our users expect – where data becomes intuitive and information consumable throughout the decision-making process.

In 2014, our success will be reflected in the innovations we bring to market. Ensuring our smart solutions deliver better, measureable results for some of the world’s biggest challenges continues to be a priority. But behind every number, there’s also a story. A story of how a pivotal moment in decision making changed an entire outcome for the better. And that is the true ROI we provide our customers.

If it matters, measure it…and then tell the story behind the number – that’s shaping smart change.


Steven Cost
President, Intergraph SG&I

Guest Blogger Profile

Steven Cost, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) President, directs the overall global strategy for the division. A Certified Public Accountant, he holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Vanderbilt University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama. Prior to joining Intergraph in 2007, Cost served as Vice President and Corporate Controller for Adtran Inc. and has also held senior financial management roles at AVEX Electronics and Benchmark Electronics.


Mobile Technology Extends Intergraph Solutions into the Field


According to predictions, the number of mobile applications downloaded in 2013 will reach 102 billion by the end of the year. This is likely why mobile devices and  applications are two of Gartner’s top 10 technology trends for 2013.

At Intergraph SG&I, we support multiple industries that face many of the same challenges on a global scale: finding new ways to support more people on smaller budgets and finding innovative ways to sustain safer, smarter communities. One way we are doing this is by creating mobile applications that expand the reach of enterprise systems – such as our new app Mobile Responder.

Mobile Responder extends Intergraph’s industry-leading computer-aided dispatch (I/CAD) to iPhones, iPads and Android devices. By enabling first responders in the field to send and receive real-time information wherever they go, Mobile Responder improves safety and productivity. Not only are smartphones and tablets cheaper to deploy than other computing and communications options, they are user-friendly and can be deployed quickly.

New Zealand Police extended incident management capabilities to the field, deploying more than 10 000 devices featuring Mobile Responder to 6,500 frontline police officers, improving public safety and saving more than NZ$300 million over the next 12 years. New Zealand Police estimate Mobile Responder will increase productivity by 30 minutes per shift, which saves 520,000 hours each year and effectively puts 345 more police on the streets.

New Zealand Police is a prime example of how public safety agencies can benefit from mobile apps, however, public safety agencies aren’t the only organizations that can take advantage of Intergraph SG&I mobile products. Intergraph’s Mobile MapWorks is a practical tool for performing on-the-fly field updates of geospatial information for viewing, editing and updating field asset information in real time. We also recently released Mobile Alert, which is a free, easy-to-use smartphone application for reporting issues of public concern to local government entities. These issues can involve anything from graffiti to road problems such as potholes and broken signage.

Mobile devices and applications will continue to make an impact on our day-to-day lives as technology advances, so we will continue to offer innovative applications to help organizations protect both lives and resources. By extending the enterprise to the field through mobile technologies, forward thinking organizations are making smarter decisions that enhance their own productivity and improve the lives of millions of citizens and customers.

Mobile solutions for a safer, smarter world – that’s shaping change.


John Graham
Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure

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