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If you see something, DO something.


When travelling in different cities around the world, you can find posters in public transportation areas encouraging us to report anything suspicious with this slogan: If you see something, say something. It’s a simple idea that leverages crowdsourcing to improve public safety.

I was thinking about the simplicity of this slogan and how, with a slight twist, it informs how we think at Hexagon. When we look at industries around the world and see things that are less than optimal, our response is: “When you see something, DO something.

The construction industry is a good example of this. PwC sponsored a report, Global Construction 2030, which forecasts that the volume of construction output will grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030, with three countries – China, U.S. and India – leading the way and accounting for 57% of all global growth.

The study shows average global construction growth of 3.9% annually to 2030, outpacing that of global GDP by over one percentage point, driven by developed countries recovering from economic instability and emerging countries continuing to industrialise. It’s an exciting time to be involved in this sector, and the future is filled with promise.

But when I take a close look at the construction industry, I see something suspicious. According to another study by McKinsey, this sector is underperforming.

We find that large projects typically take 20 per cent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 per cent over budget. Construction productivity has actually declined in some markets since the 1990s. Not surprisingly, it is among the least digitised industries in the world.

Think of it! The industry on which we depend for building the world’s infrastructure, office buildings, factories and plants that will meet the needs and demands of a growing population is one of the least efficient and productive.

At Hexagon, when we see an entire industry falling short of its potential, we DO something. The status quo – we call it the ‘what is’ – includes:

  • A sector slow to adopt process and technology innovation
  • Project planning that lacks coordination between the office and field
  • Inadequate or non-existent performance and quality management
  • Unsophisticated supply chain practices
  • A belief that IT investments have a poor ROI

Shaping smart change happens when Hexagon moves an industry from what is towards a state of what should be, empowering it to meet its full potential.

What should be for the construction industry is a smart digital construction site. This requires a solution that is simple to implement and integrate, lightweight and mobile, completely connected and easy to use by the entire workforce, from office to field.

Unlike most software companies, we have strong roots in reality capture sensors – sensors that capture an exact digital replica of the physical environment, as well as sensors that capture quality data about the work completed.

Our construction solutions integrate data feeds from sensors, create seamless workflows and make entire projects more efficient. They deliver a construction information management system that empowers executives with top-down visibility, control and management while connecting field-level workers seamlessly and simply to the day-to-day tasks.

Hexagon has leveraged the depth of its business portfolio to launch HxGN SMART Build, drawing on technologies and deep domain knowledge from multiple divisions. The net result is a synergy of software, hardware, talent and innovation that is DOING something about the construction industry.

Launched last year, SMART Build provides a simple-yet-powerful platform that is helping construction companies tackle their biggest challenges – lack of productivity, communication breakdowns poor quality control and project transparency. Our goal: the smart, digital construction site of the future.

At Hexagon, when we see something, we DO something, and that is shaping smart change.

Ola Rollén
President and CEO


Leveraging Technology to Kick-Start the Construction Industry’s Productivity Slump


The construction industry is suffering from stagnant productivity. While the global construction forecast is predicted to increase from $7.2 trillion to $12 trillion USD in the next five years[1] the industry has not seen any significant improvements in productivity in the last two decades.[2]

Where construction is booming, resources are scarce. Where construction is lagging, there is a mandate to do more with less. To remain competitive, construction companies must increase productivity in order to meet market demands.

Leveraging technology innovations is an important step in solving the productivity problem. However, the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. Until now, the tools at its disposable have often proven to be inadequate and complex for pre-construction and construction phase workflow.  The default solution for managing construction project data is Excel, the leading tools for 2D document collaboration are glorified viewers, 3D construction models are built in tools made for design & engineering.

Project managers, BIM/VDC teams and construction executives are seeking a solution that can handle the enormous amount of information generated during the life of a project. They need a tool that facilitates communication between all participants in order to gain project insight and receive timely feedback. They want software that supports their existing workflows while eliminating costly errors and delays. And the application must be able to manage the entire project, not just the design and engineering phase, but construction execution and handoff as well.

Hexagon’s new solution, HxGN SMART Build, is a powerful, yet simple to use, cloud-based platform that connects relevant, role-based information to project participants at every level. SMART Build is meeting the demands of the construction industry by enabling end-to-end management of all phases of the construction project through an engaging visual user experience.

Visit HxGN SMART Build at Conexpo 2017 in Las Vegas for a hands-on experience with the solution. Hexagon will be in booth 12867 in the North Hall. Learn more about Conexpo here.

SMART Build supports critical decision making during the pre-construction phase by synchronizing large volumes of project information such as Office files, PDF, 2D CAD, 3D BIM, project plans and schedules.  By providing the ability to import and integrate various models and documents, SMART Build ensures that project plans and detailed work instructions are accurate and complete. Then SMART Build provides enterprise-scale estimating, budgeting and reporting by integrating with the industry’s leading project control software, EcoSys providing Earned Value Management – a critical method to ensuring project cost visibility.

SMART Build’s project management capabilities allows the manager to easily create work packages that are linked to the project schedule and visualized in the 3D model. During the construction phase, SMART Build provides managers real-time project status updates through intuitive dashboards.

Easy-to-use Digital Layout integrates construction layout and model information between SMART Build and field layout solutions.  Digital Layout allows quick and accurate location of building elements and feedback once construction occurs. With the ability to easily communicate plans and instructions, capture and report progress and deviations, and analyze earned value, SMART Build establishes accountability and reduces errors that result in costly rework.

SMART Build enables the successful project conclusion by capturing and providing a complete digital record of the entire project as it was actually built. The digital asset includes model, plan, spec, scan and management information that is critical to reducing the time and cost of future renovations and retrofitting.

Improving productivity, thereby delivering projects on time and on budget – now that’s shaping smart change.

Want to learn more? Visit SMART Build’s “Features” webpage to discover how our solution can help you manage every aspect and phase of your construction project.


Marc Goldman
VP Industry Solutions

Vice President of Industry Solutions, Marc Goldman drives product strategy and development for HxGN SMART Build. Marc is one of the leading experts in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its impact on the processes and business of the building design and construction industry. Prior to joining Hexagon, Marc spent twenty years delivering services and technologies for design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Marc studied Architecture and Civil Engineering at Tulane University.

[1]  (Schilling, D. R. (2013, March 8). Global Construction Expected to Increase by $4.8 Trillion by 2020. Retrieved from Industry Tap :

[2] (Rajat Agarwal, S. C. (2016, June). Imagining Construction’s Digital Future. Retrieved from McKinsey & Company:


A Look at HxGN SMART Build, Hexagon’s Construction Management Software


In every construction project, there are a myriad of challenges to overcome. At each phase, you are confronted with issues that can potentially put your project at risk of going over time and over budget. Unfortunately, many tools that are available have proven to be inadequate in managing the complex group of tasks you face every day – that is why Hexagon created SMART Build.

HxGN SMART Build is a simple, yet powerful, platform that helps construction companies tackle some of the biggest problems in the construction industry including diminished productivity, breakdown of office-to-field communications and lack of project transparency. Any of these issues have the potential to derail your project. SMART Build was designed to resolve those problems and help deliver your project on-time and on budget by clarifying, connecting and simplifying the construction management process.

So what makes SMART Build different from other software solutions on the market? Let’s pull back the curtain and see what makes SMART Build unique:

Leveraging SMART

Hexagon has decades of experience in executing some of the most complex industrial projects in the world. By combining our knowledge of how these industries work with our leading-edge information management technologies, we designed SMART Build to address key challenges the construction industry is facing.

Designing SMART

SMART Build was designed to assist every person on your project. From the general contractor to the plumber, everyone has access to the information that is relevant to their role. No longer are people working in insolation; instead everybody is working with the same integrated, high-quality and consistent set of information.

Delivering SMART

SMART Build is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution. Therefore, everyone on your project has access to the information they need when they need it. Our powerful browser-based interface connects all relevant project information – including CAD drawings, 3D models, specifications, schedules, materials, workflows and instructions – to the thousands of people your project employs and the millions of tasks you manage.

Operating SMART

Because we built SMART Build for everyone involved in the project, we had to create a simple, intuitive solution that requires minimal training. Hexagon put enormous effort and focus on designing the user interface and experience, so instead of disrupting, SMART Build simplifies work. Our goal is to provide a solution that benefits everyone on your team and people actually enjoy using.

Pioneering a platform that will improve your profit margins and drive completion of projects safely, on time and on budget – now that’s shaping smart change.

Want to learn more?  Listen to Mirko Stock, chief operation officer for Hexagon Ventures, discuss the benefits of SMART Build in this HxGN Radio podcast. 


Mirko Stock
COO, Hexagon Ventures


Putting Cloud Technology to the Test


As global energy use increases, the oil and gas industry is under pressure to keep up. Analysts forecast that nearly US$40 trillion in capital investment will be directed into energy projects over the next 20 years to meet consumer demands.

The size, complexity and expense of mega projects require contractors and companies to pool their resources and combine efforts. Outdated project methodologies that may have been suitable for smaller, local projects are no longer effective. Every year, roughly 40 percent of projects fail to meet schedule. Access to information and the ability to share it efficiently between multiple stakeholders are usually cited as major factors for these delays.

Most energy companies do not have the required infrastructure in place to manage the vast amounts of data to which they have access. It’s imperative for them to harness this data in order to automate and optimize future performance and systems, and Cloud technology is the platform they need to achieve this.

Cloud technology had not been tested comprehensively on an active energy project until 2015, when Intergraph conducted a series of tests to establish the viability of its SmartPlant Cloud for use on a US$10 billion global energy project.

We are proud of the results and eager to share them with you. You can read our comprehensive report, “The Intergraph Cloud Stress Test,” here.

Helping pave the way for the energy industry to embrace Cloud technology…that’s shaping smart change.

Kevin Holmes
Intergraph Vice President and Global Director of Cloud Services



EcoSys and Intergraph PP&M: Complementary Software and Poised for Growth


EcoSys was acquired by Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) earlier this month. EcoSys will operate as an independent business unit, but we are excited by the collaborative possibilities for our combined software portfolio as well as for international business growth.

First, a little background on EcoSys. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado – just outside of Denver. Our flagship software product, EcoSys Enterprise Planning & Controls (EPC), is the industry standard for project controls software. Project controls is a multi-phased discipline with the goal to improve project delivery and cost performance. EcoSys EPC aids this mission through (1) standardising project controls best practices for functions like budgeting, forecasting, change management, capital planning, workforce planning and earned value management; (2) project data integration from other software systems, such as scheduling, accounting/ERP and timesheets; and (3) built-in business Intelligence-style reporting for real-time information to guide decision-making. In short, EcoSys EPC helps organisations plan and manage project portfolios, control project costs and improve project performance.

EcoSys EPC is entirely Web-based, and therefore available as an on-premise, hosted or SaaS solution. We recently announced a suite of mobile applications that will further support our mission to make easy-to-use software that improves productivity and delivers accurate, actionable information.

And customers are responding! EcoSys has experienced tremendous growth, with software license revenue increasing 165% in 2014. Fueled by Hexagon and Intergraph PP&M’s worldwide capabilities, we expect strong growth to continue in markets across the globe. We already share many customers in industries, such as engineering and construction and oil and gas and believe that the EcoSys brand will benefit from association with Intergraph PP&M, the leading global provider of engineering software.

This leads to one of the other key areas of strength for this acquisition – together, the Intergraph and EcoSys software solutions will power 5D building information modelling (BIM), an exciting field in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. EcoSys EPC is a natural solution to enable 5D BIM, as it adds project scheduling integration (4D) and robust cost management capabilities (5D) with Intergraph PP&M’s 3D design and construction solutions.

Becoming a part of Hexagon’s global network of brands and contributing to Hexagon’s goals is an exciting step for everyone at EcoSys. We look forward to continued collaboration and solidifying an even stronger position in the marketplace.

Coming together to improve project delivery for our customers around the world – that’s shaping smart change.

Javier Sloninsky
Chief Executive Officer


Javier is CEO of EcoSys, provider of powerful, easy-to-use enterprise project controls software. Through EcoSys’ flagship software solution, Javier has helped Global 1000 companies and government agencies address some of the fundamental challenges facing project-driven organisations: how to measure, forecast and improve project performance. Javier has more than 18 years of leadership and hands-on experience in the commercial software industry and has advised organisations on project management and cost controls best practices in industries, such as engineering, construction, energy, utilities, government and IT. Before co-founding EcoSys, Javier helped develop the project scheduling software now known as Primavera P6.



Intergraph Process, Power, & Marine at HxGN LIVE


If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Industrialist Henry Ford

In just a few days our international user conference, HxGN LIVE 2015, gets underway at the MGM Grand. This is always an exciting time as we at Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) look forward to gathering with members of the process, power and marine industries to discuss and demonstrate how our industry-leading, next-generation solutions will help increase their safety, quality, productivity and interoperability.

Declining crude oil prices and reduced capital expenditures have created significant market challenges for companies since we last convened in Las Vegas. Our customers are seeking new and innovative ways to reduce construction and operational costs by leveraging Intergraph technology, and we know attendees will take back key learnings from their time at the conference.

“Innovating Together” is the theme of this year’s PP&M keynote address on Tuesday, June 2. You will see and hear first-hand how PP&M’s global customers are innovating to successfully overcome market challenges by utilizing the broadest solutions portfolio in the industry.

We have another exciting PP&M track planned, kicking off with our annual Technical User Forum (TUF) meetings on Sunday, May 31. This is a great opportunity to interact with fellow users and Intergraph experts to discuss your favorite solutions.

TUF meetings will cover a wide array of topics:

  • 3D and visualization
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical
  • Process design and engineering
  • Information management and SmartPlant Enterprise for owner operators
  • Materials management
  • Marine
  • SmartPlant Construction

Be sure to download the TUF meetings agenda for more details. And make sure you join our TUF LinkedIn Groups to start networking before HxGN LIVE!

Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis University 2015 is part of HxGN LIVE again and starts Monday, June 1, with the welcome keynote address by Rick Allen, president of Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions. CAU2015@HxGN LIVE features advanced plant design and engineering instruction for current and future users of CADWorx, CAESAR II, PV Elite and GT STRUDL.

Don’t miss The Zone, which is located in the Marquee Ballroom and showcases 50,000 square feet of technologies. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to experience hands-on, one-on-one demonstrations of PP&M solutions from our global product experts.

I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and sharing how better technology is the answer to increasing productivity and reducing costs to overcome current market challenges. Please find more detail in the PP&M track brochure and the schedule of PP&M sessions.


Gerhard Sallinger
Intergraph Process, Power & Marine


How Does Hexagon Measure Up in an Ever-Changing World?


Every day, we read about the advent of a new technology or advancements of existing technologies. Just 10 years ago, smartphones were almost unheard of, but today, nearly 2 billion people worldwide own one. The resulting app ecosystem has grown manifold and changed livelihoods. Smart technology is everywhere, and every business wants to take advantage of this trend to improve workflows and thereby improve efficiency.

When considering the smart ecosystem, name an emerging technology trend and it’s very likely a Hexagon brand is associated with it. Around the world, Hexagon is seen as a leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity improvements across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

Talk about 3D laser scanning and BIM, and Leica Geosystems is a leader. When it comes to precision measurement, one can’t beat Hexagon Metrology.

Another positive aspect of Hexagon is its large network of companies that develop solutions that complement offerings across the entire Hexagon technologies portfolio. Through a well-developed strategy, this is enabling synergy and ensures that customers are able to produce bigger output than the sum of the original parts.

Cloud/client computing and drones and the internet of things within the consumer space are often termed as the next big things in technology. In engineering, we have SmartPlant Cloud, and in the geospatial industry, Aibotix is becoming one of the most sought after intelligent autonomous vehicles.

Intergraph SG&I has been supporting utilities  and defence for years now. Solutions like Mobile Alert are aiding governments worldwide in smart governance. At the same time, food safety for the world populace can’t be ignored. One of Hexagon’s newest brands, Hexagon Agriculture, addresses this issue.

To support all the above, Hexagon leadership has embraced social media in a big way. The CEO and divisional presidents are active twitter users. This helps them keep their ears to the ground. In addition, Hexagon brands have their own social identities, which helps in understanding customer needs and spreading key messages.

Being at the forefront of innovation to make a positive impact on an ever-changing world – that’s shaping smart change.

Excited about the possibility of bringing change to your place? Join us at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas to learn more. Take advantage of the Act Fast Rate through April 20 and save!


Chethan Srikrishna
Senior Software Analyst
Hexagon Geospatial

Blogger Profile:

chethan_sChethan has been with Hexagon since 2011. Passionate about geospatial technology and telecommunications, he keeps a close watch on industry trends and admires the way Hexagon synergises different technologies.


Bringing Innovative Solutions to the Yard


Innovation is a key focus for us at Intergraph Process, Power & Marine. We are always excited to see how our new technologies are embraced by customers. One of our latest solutions, Intergraph Smart Yard, brings together engineering, procurement, project planning, fabrication, construction and completions within a single, collaborative knowledge management environment.

OceanMight has embarked on a project to integrate its construction/fabrication yard management with its activities and project execution. After an extensive evaluation exercise, the company chose Smart Yard to provide and implement the project architecture.

We are proud OceanMight has trusted us to provide the sophisticated technologies that underpin its latest fabrication yard and has chosen us as a key partner in the fulfilment of its clients’ obligations and growth strategies. OceanMight’s selection of Intergraph Smart Yard to implement this key project recognises our commitment to the marketplace, the breadth of our expertise and the fit of our solution in this sector.

Thanks to Smart Yard’s streamlined processes, OceanMight expects an early return on investment through improved transparency between the different disciplines and trades. This provides access to accurate, real time information and allows for more efficient change management.

We are grateful to customers like OceanMight for choosing Intergraph, and look forward to partnering with our customers for even greater success in years to come.


Gerhard Sallinger
Intergraph Process, Power & Marine


A Night of New Traditions


There are many incredible aspects of my role as CEO. One that I enjoy the most is traveling to our different offices and meeting new people within the Hexagon family.

Last night’s 45th anniversary and grand unveiling of Intergraph’s new headquarters in Madison, AL, USA, was an extraordinary moment – not only in the history of Intergraph, but also in Hexagon’s history. Less than four years ago, Intergraph joined the Hexagon family – a fundamental move in Hexagon’s growth strategy. The building marks another new chapter for Intergraph, symbolizing our willingness to go to new places together.

At Hexagon, we’ve always valued collaboration because we understand the strength and the growth potential it offers. The architects and interior designers were challenged to create a space where creative energy could thrive. They succeeded in creating a beautiful yet functional environment where employees can gather and promote ideas.

I believe amazing things will come from this new facility and I feel honored to have been able to participate in its dedication. Exciting times lie ahead!

New collaboration, new learning and new traditions – that’s shaping smart change.


Ola Rollén
President and CEO


Training, Technology and Dialogue at HxGN LIVE


This year’s conference started strong with great user attendance at the Global LTUFs Intergraph PP&M hosted on Sunday followed by the specific tool-track TUF that afternoon. The agenda was well organized, sharing general tools information and polling the Intergraph customers and experts, prompting them to share constructive thoughts about on Intergraph’s future development needs.

Monday’s scheduled paid trainings were VERY effective in offering hands-on exposure to multiple subjects and introduced a beta version of at least one new software upgrade. I eagerly attended that course and many other sessions that were available with the purpose of sharing best practices, enhancements, and etc. on other tools. There was a particular SPI training, “Introduction to the powerful new Query Builder and Engineering Data Editor,” that I enjoyed immensely. It too was well structured, providing attendees with an electronic tutorial guide that we could take home and access via Intergraph memory strips. This paid session not only shared advice and tips on the new interface from the leader of SPI Support, but also enabled customers to make wish-list requests to potentially aid IISDC developers in polishing the tool before its November release. Even more so, the course allowed healthy debate on Intergraph’s business-critical requirements leading to a reverberation of the topic throughout other sessions and within the conference as a whole. I believe our constructive feedback will motivate Intergraph to provide even MORE Monday training options at the future conferences, ideally presenting two sessions per software introduction.

On a less technical note, the decision to move the keynote series premiere to Monday night, followed by the welcome reception, was an exceptional idea. The Hexagon-driven presentation to the various attendees likely helped individual business leaders develop marketing and management-level pitches for their track directions. The food provided at the MGM Grand Pool, while attendees mingled and settled in to Vegas’s outdoor environment, was bountiful.

I look forward to seeing the vendors in The Zone, their demos and the dozens of available sessions through the week. I happily welcome more hands-on opportunities with multiple tools as well as chances to network and share perspectives with others in the global community of Intergraph application users.


Andrew Kunev

Americas/Global Field SPI (INtools) Discipline Leader

Guest Blogger Profile

andrewkunevAndrew Kunev is the Americas/Global Field SPI (INtools) Discipline Leaderworks for Honeywell Processing Solutions. He assists with SPI linkage requirements and technology direction for Experion DCS/SIS with Development Engineering & Marketing, maintaining global SPI specialist support, and sustaining diverse multi-office project execution to satisfy diverse customer contracted requests.  He has over two decades of experience in the Petro-Chemical (Oil & Gas) Industry.



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