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If you see something, DO something.


When travelling in different cities around the world, you can find posters in public transportation areas encouraging us to report anything suspicious with this slogan: If you see something, say something. It’s a simple idea that leverages crowdsourcing to improve public safety.

I was thinking about the simplicity of this slogan and how, with a slight twist, it informs how we think at Hexagon. When we look at industries around the world and see things that are less than optimal, our response is: “When you see something, DO something.

The construction industry is a good example of this. PwC sponsored a report, Global Construction 2030, which forecasts that the volume of construction output will grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030, with three countries – China, U.S. and India – leading the way and accounting for 57% of all global growth.

The study shows average global construction growth of 3.9% annually to 2030, outpacing that of global GDP by over one percentage point, driven by developed countries recovering from economic instability and emerging countries continuing to industrialise. It’s an exciting time to be involved in this sector, and the future is filled with promise.

But when I take a close look at the construction industry, I see something suspicious. According to another study by McKinsey, this sector is underperforming.

We find that large projects typically take 20 per cent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 per cent over budget. Construction productivity has actually declined in some markets since the 1990s. Not surprisingly, it is among the least digitised industries in the world.

Think of it! The industry on which we depend for building the world’s infrastructure, office buildings, factories and plants that will meet the needs and demands of a growing population is one of the least efficient and productive.

At Hexagon, when we see an entire industry falling short of its potential, we DO something. The status quo – we call it the ‘what is’ – includes:

  • A sector slow to adopt process and technology innovation
  • Project planning that lacks coordination between the office and field
  • Inadequate or non-existent performance and quality management
  • Unsophisticated supply chain practices
  • A belief that IT investments have a poor ROI

Shaping smart change happens when Hexagon moves an industry from what is towards a state of what should be, empowering it to meet its full potential.

What should be for the construction industry is a smart digital construction site. This requires a solution that is simple to implement and integrate, lightweight and mobile, completely connected and easy to use by the entire workforce, from office to field.

Unlike most software companies, we have strong roots in reality capture sensors – sensors that capture an exact digital replica of the physical environment, as well as sensors that capture quality data about the work completed.

Our construction solutions integrate data feeds from sensors, create seamless workflows and make entire projects more efficient. They deliver a construction information management system that empowers executives with top-down visibility, control and management while connecting field-level workers seamlessly and simply to the day-to-day tasks.

Hexagon has leveraged the depth of its business portfolio to launch HxGN SMART Build, drawing on technologies and deep domain knowledge from multiple divisions. The net result is a synergy of software, hardware, talent and innovation that is DOING something about the construction industry.

Launched last year, SMART Build provides a simple-yet-powerful platform that is helping construction companies tackle their biggest challenges – lack of productivity, communication breakdowns poor quality control and project transparency. Our goal: the smart, digital construction site of the future.

At Hexagon, when we see something, we DO something, and that is shaping smart change.

Ola Rollén
President and CEO


Leveraging Technology to Kick-Start the Construction Industry’s Productivity Slump


The construction industry is suffering from stagnant productivity. While the global construction forecast is predicted to increase from $7.2 trillion to $12 trillion USD in the next five years[1] the industry has not seen any significant improvements in productivity in the last two decades.[2]

Where construction is booming, resources are scarce. Where construction is lagging, there is a mandate to do more with less. To remain competitive, construction companies must increase productivity in order to meet market demands.

Leveraging technology innovations is an important step in solving the productivity problem. However, the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. Until now, the tools at its disposable have often proven to be inadequate and complex for pre-construction and construction phase workflow.  The default solution for managing construction project data is Excel, the leading tools for 2D document collaboration are glorified viewers, 3D construction models are built in tools made for design & engineering.

Project managers, BIM/VDC teams and construction executives are seeking a solution that can handle the enormous amount of information generated during the life of a project. They need a tool that facilitates communication between all participants in order to gain project insight and receive timely feedback. They want software that supports their existing workflows while eliminating costly errors and delays. And the application must be able to manage the entire project, not just the design and engineering phase, but construction execution and handoff as well.

Hexagon’s new solution, HxGN SMART Build, is a powerful, yet simple to use, cloud-based platform that connects relevant, role-based information to project participants at every level. SMART Build is meeting the demands of the construction industry by enabling end-to-end management of all phases of the construction project through an engaging visual user experience.

Visit HxGN SMART Build at Conexpo 2017 in Las Vegas for a hands-on experience with the solution. Hexagon will be in booth 12867 in the North Hall. Learn more about Conexpo here.

SMART Build supports critical decision making during the pre-construction phase by synchronizing large volumes of project information such as Office files, PDF, 2D CAD, 3D BIM, project plans and schedules.  By providing the ability to import and integrate various models and documents, SMART Build ensures that project plans and detailed work instructions are accurate and complete. Then SMART Build provides enterprise-scale estimating, budgeting and reporting by integrating with the industry’s leading project control software, EcoSys providing Earned Value Management – a critical method to ensuring project cost visibility.

SMART Build’s project management capabilities allows the manager to easily create work packages that are linked to the project schedule and visualized in the 3D model. During the construction phase, SMART Build provides managers real-time project status updates through intuitive dashboards.

Easy-to-use Digital Layout integrates construction layout and model information between SMART Build and field layout solutions.  Digital Layout allows quick and accurate location of building elements and feedback once construction occurs. With the ability to easily communicate plans and instructions, capture and report progress and deviations, and analyze earned value, SMART Build establishes accountability and reduces errors that result in costly rework.

SMART Build enables the successful project conclusion by capturing and providing a complete digital record of the entire project as it was actually built. The digital asset includes model, plan, spec, scan and management information that is critical to reducing the time and cost of future renovations and retrofitting.

Improving productivity, thereby delivering projects on time and on budget – now that’s shaping smart change.

Want to learn more? Visit SMART Build’s “Features” webpage to discover how our solution can help you manage every aspect and phase of your construction project.


Marc Goldman
VP Industry Solutions

Vice President of Industry Solutions, Marc Goldman drives product strategy and development for HxGN SMART Build. Marc is one of the leading experts in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its impact on the processes and business of the building design and construction industry. Prior to joining Hexagon, Marc spent twenty years delivering services and technologies for design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Marc studied Architecture and Civil Engineering at Tulane University.

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A Look at HxGN SMART Build, Hexagon’s Construction Management Software


In every construction project, there are a myriad of challenges to overcome. At each phase, you are confronted with issues that can potentially put your project at risk of going over time and over budget. Unfortunately, many tools that are available have proven to be inadequate in managing the complex group of tasks you face every day – that is why Hexagon created SMART Build.

HxGN SMART Build is a simple, yet powerful, platform that helps construction companies tackle some of the biggest problems in the construction industry including diminished productivity, breakdown of office-to-field communications and lack of project transparency. Any of these issues have the potential to derail your project. SMART Build was designed to resolve those problems and help deliver your project on-time and on budget by clarifying, connecting and simplifying the construction management process.

So what makes SMART Build different from other software solutions on the market? Let’s pull back the curtain and see what makes SMART Build unique:

Leveraging SMART

Hexagon has decades of experience in executing some of the most complex industrial projects in the world. By combining our knowledge of how these industries work with our leading-edge information management technologies, we designed SMART Build to address key challenges the construction industry is facing.

Designing SMART

SMART Build was designed to assist every person on your project. From the general contractor to the plumber, everyone has access to the information that is relevant to their role. No longer are people working in insolation; instead everybody is working with the same integrated, high-quality and consistent set of information.

Delivering SMART

SMART Build is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution. Therefore, everyone on your project has access to the information they need when they need it. Our powerful browser-based interface connects all relevant project information – including CAD drawings, 3D models, specifications, schedules, materials, workflows and instructions – to the thousands of people your project employs and the millions of tasks you manage.

Operating SMART

Because we built SMART Build for everyone involved in the project, we had to create a simple, intuitive solution that requires minimal training. Hexagon put enormous effort and focus on designing the user interface and experience, so instead of disrupting, SMART Build simplifies work. Our goal is to provide a solution that benefits everyone on your team and people actually enjoy using.

Pioneering a platform that will improve your profit margins and drive completion of projects safely, on time and on budget – now that’s shaping smart change.

Want to learn more?  Listen to Mirko Stock, chief operation officer for Hexagon Ventures, discuss the benefits of SMART Build in this HxGN Radio podcast. 


Mirko Stock
COO, Hexagon Ventures


Planting the Seeds of Progress in Agriculture


Is there any real progress happening in farming?”

It’s a question people ask me when they hear about the work I’m involved in here at Hexagon Agriculture. From their vantage point— perhaps driving by a farm and seeing workers in the fields or tractors dragging a plow— they may conclude that little has changed in agriculture.

Their point of view, of course, lacks the whole story of what is happening within the industry. If they could see the big picture, they may be surprised to learn that the most important crop being harvested from today’s farms is data. They might learn that there are more than birds are flying over those fields— there are drones and satellites overhead, feeding critical information about crops, and providing positioning guidance to a vast fleet of tractors, whose movements are being choreographed by advanced analytics.

My unequivocal answer to questions about progress is this: enormous progress is happening. At Hexagon Agriculture, we have the perfect blend of advanced information technologies and passionate, skilled people—a mix that is enabling us to create solutions that address the real problems that farmers, enterprise farmers and agriculture equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are facing all over the world, allowing them to move forward in a sustainable way.

Hexagon Agriculture is creating a new framework for the industry by rationalizing once disparate and siloed processes into efficient connected workflows. It’s not just about using more or less resources; it is about using the resources available in a smarter way.

The shape of progress

Today, from planting to harvest, we are witnessing a farming revolution triggered by the adoption of new technologies that were unthinkable just a decade ago: satellites, high-precision positioning systems, smart sensors, big data and a range of IT applications combined with a deep understanding of the farming business and workflows.

At Hexagon Agriculture, the challenges and constraints that confront the agriculture industry represent a unique opportunity. The entire team is focused on developing a feedback loop that connects and intelligently informs every phase of farming, creating a virtuous cycle of efficiency and productivity that enables farmers to feed a hungry world, and empowers the agriculture industry harvest its full potential.

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.


Bernardo de Castro
President of Agriculture


Shaping Smart Change for Essential Services


You flip a switch for light, turn on a faucet for water, commute to work on a highway, and call 9-1-1 for an ambulance or police officer. In our everyday lives, we often take these conveniences for granted. Yet, these are services that are essential to modernity.

Behind these essential services are public safety and security agencies, utility and communications providers, transportation departments, and government organizations; all with business and technology needs as complex as the communities they support. It’s within these industries and organizations that Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s solutions support the delivery of essential services. As with many other industries, shifts in technologies, public policy, and other external factors are changing how these organizations operate and provide value to their citizens and customers.

Consider the global adoption and usage of mobile phones. How does this shift in technology affect emergency dispatchers using a communications network designed for landlines? Witnesses can take photos, record videos, post to social media, and send text messages on smartphones. How are these media modes captured and communicated to support better emergency response? For utility companies, how does deregulation impact business operations, network management, and enterprise data sharing with third parties? Or how does the increase in severe weather events change how utility providers manage the restoration process? How does the global population shift to urban areas impact transportation infrastructure and modes? This is just a glimpse into the real challenges and questions our customers face day in and day out.

We shape smart change for our customers by proactively addressing these problems with forward-looking technology solutions – helping them close the gap between “what is” and “what should be.” For us, shaping smart change is partnering with ESB Networks, Ireland’s electricity distribution system operator, to implement a new utility GIS that ensures service delivery, integrates enterprise IT systems, and manages the full life cycle of its network assets. It’s helping India’s Madhya Pradesh Police leverage incident management technology to deal with 100,000 calls per day from 27 cities and reduce response times in urban areas from 30-60 minutes to five minutes or less. For us, shaping smart changing is helping CET in Sao Paulo, Brazil, respond to 13,000 traffic accidents a day, or helping the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety automate permitting for 200,000 annual oversize/overweight requests, or helping Germany’s Kassel Fire Brigade manage and respond to the country’s growing refugee crisis. Shaping smart change is taking a customer’s vision and turning it into an innovative solution and approach that significantly benefits their citizens and customers.

Shape matters to Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. To demonstrate this focus, we’ve launched a new video and creative elements to signify the importance of shaping smart change. The foundational concept is the power of location. In the industries we serve, location is key. It’s about being in the right place at the right time with the right information. I encourage you to visit our site to learn more and view the video.

Behind the simplest conveniences and comforts of modern life are complex systems with people, process, and technology – all functioning together. So, the next time you flip on a light switch, drive down the road, or call 9-1-1, consider the organizations and the technologies that make these essential services even possible. Consider what change demands, and what Hexagon delivers. From tramlines to power lines to the front lines of public safety around the world, we’re there when needed – that’s shaping smart change.


Steven Cost
President, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure


Positioning the Unmanned World


At Hexagon Positioning Intelligence, we have been focused on solving position for our customers in some of the most challenging applications for over 20 years. We solve position through a range of OEM positioning products from NovAtel aimed at system integrators in industries like survey and mapping, precision agriculture, construction and mining. Veripos products and services provide highly accurate and reliable positioning systems in offshore applications like deep-sea drilling and seismic exploration.

An interesting trend is emerging across these applications. Unmanned, autonomous, optionally piloted – whatever you call it, the movement is the same. The market drivers are sometimes efficiency, better use of capital equipment by optimizing operations, saving money and increasing output. Sometimes the driver is safety. Removing a driver from a system typically makes the system safer and operations can take place in areas where it is unsafe to have human operators. In some cases, such as with autonomous automobiles, both drivers apply.

System integrators are now looking at more than accuracy when “solving” position in their application – they are now considering safety in a way they never have. They ask questions like “How can I guarantee that I know where my vehicle is at all times?” and “How can I make sure my position is correct?” The stakes are high. When operating in populated areas, unmanned systems represent a threat – maybe a lethal one – if they are not positioned and controlled safely.

We at Positioning Intelligence have our sights squarely on this challenge. Our next technological advances are set to revolutionize how positioning can be accurate and at the same time guaranteed to be safe. We have created a new team that is rethinking positioning from the ground up. Using our experience with highly reliable and safe positioning systems in the aviation and offshore oil and gas industries and in collaboration with some of the most respected institutions in academia we are solving the next challenges not only in the positioning industry, but in the autonomous vehicle industry, too.

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.


Michael Ritter
President, Positioning Intelligence


Progress Pushes Connected Mine Vision Closer to Reality


Successful mines depend on circulation – circulation of information. Information is the lifeblood of a mine. People and processes are the arteries through which that lifeblood must course. A vital pulse and unfettered movement are essential to that flow. The healthier the circulation, the more robust a mine’s health becomes.

The mining industry has always had to rely on point solutions to remedy its challenges – one company is sought for modeling software while another might address fleet management or blast optimization. Miners must navigate so many obstacles, the idea of one company addressing every challenge with a life-of-mine solution is practically unheard of.

A life-of-mine solution has long been the holy grail of technology companies. That’s why 2017 promises to be an exciting year for Hexagon Mining and for the mining industry. At HxGN Live 2017 and at mining shows around the globe, we will be communicating the next chapter in our story of smart change.

It’s a story that embodies the journey between what is and what should be. The continued integration of our solutions for slope monitoring, geology, planning, fleet management, collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring move our vision of a connected mine closer to reality.

Successful mines no longer seek partial solutions. In Hexagon Mining, they see a company on the path to one digitally integrated solution that harmonizes data from parts of the mining process that were once separated into silos. They see a company taking a uniquely holistic approach to making analytics and business intelligence universal.

So whether it’s our Collision Avoidance System setting the safety standard for Barrick Gold or Jigsaw and MineSight laying the foundation of integration between planning and operations for Grupo México, Hexagon Mining is turning vision into reality. We are the pulse essential to a healthy mine.

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.

Hélio Samora
President, Hexagon Mining


Shaping Smart Change from Concept to Reality


Technology. It’s changed the way we work, the way we travel, the way we communicate. But how often do we take a step back and ask how technology is developing so quickly?

At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, our customers are designing and making products – from the simplest household items that quietly impact the lives of everyone, to the most complex technologies that drive tangible change in our world. Their daily concerns are balancing quality and cost of production, working efficiently with minimal wastage, ensuring return on investment and driving sustainable growth. Our customers need to maximise productivity to boost their potential and compete in challenging market conditions, so innovation has become their business.

The interesting thing about all these challenges is that there’s already a solution. Industry 4.0 gives us a roadmap to the way things should work, and manufacturers are ready to make it their reality. The problem is that moving to Industry 4.0 principles requires a step-change in how we work – moving from detached silos to clear and connected processes. And the key to it all is data.

We recognise the changing shape of manufacturing and we’re changing the shape of our company to create best-fit solutions. Hexagon is shaping smart change in manufacturing by enabling our customers to unlock the untapped potential from data they are already collecting. Internal innovations and acquisitions are broadening our skillset to make sure data flows seamlessly throughout the product life cycle, providing actionable information to inform decision making and enable automatic correction. Through these feedback loops, we’re helping our customers realise the promise of Industry 4.0.

Our technology is already driving cutting-edge developments for manufacturers seeking a data-driven approach. Last year saw the launch of MEGAROB, a highly-versatile automated platform for high-accuracy large-component manufacturing that uses our technology to enable real-time corrections to the position of a multifunctional robot. Take a look at our 360° experience to explore this groundbreaking installation.

Technological innovation isn’t a given, but the desire of our customers to keep making things better is undeniable, and we are enabling them to build the technology that changes the world.

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.


Norbert Hanke
President, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence


Creating Real-World Digital Realities


It’s no secret the digital age has become part of our everyday life in almost everything we do. We have moved away from doing tasks manually to adopting intelligent solutions that solve the simplest or highly complex tasks. We have become faster and more efficient by automating processes. We share more information than ever before and being connected is a way of life.

What does this mean for the geospatial industry?

In surveying, it means leaving the tapes, lines and pen and paper behind for robotic layouts and verifications in one step, and digitally sharing information between the field and office.

In construction, it means no more guesswork in determining the gradients for smooth paving or correct compaction, but digitally connecting the machine with design through automation to exactly dig where and how deep.

In mining, it means cloud-integrated, life-of-mine solutions to connect all professions in the mine to drive efficiency and safety when searching for resources needed for daily living.

It’s time, though, to move beyond just going digital. Today, businesses need to continue to digitise processes and digitalise businesses.

Using disruption for opportunities

Every industry faces disruption, a change in how results are achieved and the processes that deliver those results. At Hexagon Geosystems, we seek out the opportunities in such disruptions.

When we envisioned the power of scanning for the surveying industry, we created the world’s first combined total station and 3D laser scanner in the MultiStation for efficient operations with never-before-seen detail.

As smartphones made touch technology a daily commodity, we were the first to apply this in our industry as well. We made our Captivate layout and verification solution with this intuitive technology so measurement professionals would be just as immersed on the job as they are on their phones, while at same time bringing digital plans to the field.

You may say we even drive disruption just for the chance to innovate. We say we drive ourselves and the industry to never settle and always move forward. We’ll continue seizing opportunities as we are digitising processes of as-built, layout and verification into one solution.

What does this mean for the geospatial industry?

When a business digitises, it becomes more efficient in how it produces, shares and evaluates information. When it digitalises, it undergoes a transformation – a disruption – to become a connected ecosystem. Digitising can lead to digitalisation, and at Hexagon Geosystems, we’re helping bridge the gap to this ultimate phase.

In surveying, we’ve connected our airborne users through the Hexagon Imagery Program to collect, share and democratise high-quality airborne imagery. Our traditional airborne users are now on first-level contact with businesses that use their captured reality for everything from corridor mapping to geospatial app development.

In construction, we’re leveraging the synergy of Hexagon’s businesses to digitalise entire construction sites. With integrated and interrelated solutions, our innovation brings together all the players – from top-down visibility for construction executives to automation and real-time access for field crews – with all the information to plan, execute and manage any project. With the newly added benefit of construction documentation imagery from Multivista to provide ground-up development, this ecosystem can now remotely monitor and verify site progress at any stage. And with our new BLK360, we combined our best-in-class scanning technology with a premium design to democratise scanning for the AEC market and more industries that need to grasp reality in their daily work.

In mining, we take Big Data and turn it into a complete enterprise solution. From enabling autonomous-driving trucks to detect potential crash obstacles to instantly alerting mine managers to the threat of slope movements, we’re connecting mines from the top down and from the inside out.

Shape matters in creating digital realities

As real-world operations move further toward digitalisation, we continue to lead our industry on this path of disruption and seizing opportunities. Bridging from what is today to what should be tomorrow, we enable measurement professionals to work in the most accurate and current digital realities. And with our solutions providing the shape critical to these digital realities, the possibilities are limitless for what you may discover yourself, what you may eventually disrupt.

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.


Juergen Dold
Hexagon Geosystems


How to Build Innovative Geospatial Solutions


“So the problem is not so much to see what nobody has yet seen, as to think what nobody has yet thought concerning that which everybody sees.” – Arthur Schopenhauer, Parerga und Paralipomena

The geospatial industry has been going through a transformation. The rate of change is accelerating. rapidly than ever before. Landscapes, species and cultural heritage sites are disappearing at alarming rates.

Hexagon has a strong legacy in the geospatial realm. Our technologies are equipping thousands of customers, enabling them to produce data, find answers and build on our platform. We are committed to bringing these customers the highest quality solutions with the latest innovations.

Outside our traditional customer base, new businesses are recognizing the value of location-based data. They understand that everything happens somewhere: every earthquake and purchase has a location from which we can glean analytics and insights to navigate new areas of focus for what might and will be.

The world is not just changing, it is evolving into many facets; so many, we can’t keep track of them all. And the traditional geospatial market cannot keep pace.

In an increasing number of cases, the traditional map can’t keep up. Making a good map takes time, effort and expertise. It could take weeks to build a map that helps elucidate a problem, but by the time we have created it, the map (and the supporting data) is already out of date! That’s not good enough.

We see the need, but how can we create the solutions? As Schopenhauer noted, how do we think what nobody has yet thought?

The good news is that we don’t need to.

The world is full of innovators and dreamers. We need to provide tools that they can use to solve problems and make their ideas reality.

In the past year, we launched the Hexagon Smart M.App, an award-winning platform that provides entrepreneurs the tools they need to develop, test, market and sell their own geospatial solutions. They also can create Smart M.Apps to distribute securely inside their networks with M.App Enterprise.

We seek to empower them to foster their unique perspectives in their industries and revolutionize the maps (and apps) they need. To jump-start some of these developers, this year we held the IGNITE competition, which challenged innovators to connect real-world challenges to fresh ideas that could be implemented in a Hexagon Smart M.App. We are proud of all our finalists and will announce the winners on December 15, so stay tuned!

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.


Mladen Stojic
President of Hexagon Geospatial

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