Adventures in Hexagon – Deeper Into the Rabbit Hole

Day 1

Overall, it has been a good experience. There is a large number of nice, attentive staff to guide you. I guess you don’t have to follow the white rabbit anymore….

The mobile app has helped me get access to my agenda, so no more going through your bag and trying to dig up the agenda. Now if we just had a GPS “YOU ARE HERE” function!

I am sure more surprises are awaiting us in the following days, so until then…

Day 2

Day 2 started with beams of light! Wrist bands that blinked and synchronized to the music. The keynote was very upbeat and lots of interesting information was shared. There was information on the future use of data and where Hexagon is taking the technology. Overall, all it was a great experience.

Then it was off to the day sessions. Session rooms were big and well accommodating. There was great information and networking time with peers in each of these events. There were so many sessions to choose from, it made it extremely hard to select which ones to attend So we decided to divide and conquer and off we went to several of the sessions.

Then my mobile app started beeping NOTIFICATIONS and TWEETS! There were lots of tweets to get great stuff, to try to win VIP treatment! Off to happy hour we went. This was fun, trying to capture all  the VIP tweets, or notifications. It certainly kept us engaged.

The night event was great! Good music, great time to mingle and unwind from a hard day of conference work. The club was set up nicely and the VIP section was a blast. Can’t wait to see happens on Day 3.





Oliver Nava
Lead I&C Facilities Engineer

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Oliver Nava, Chevron, Lead I&C Facilities Engineer

Oliver is a Lead I&C Facilities Engineer for Chevron, as well as a Professional Engineer in Texas. He is responsible for maintaining and developing Engineering standards worldwide across Chevron. He has 11 years of industry experience in diverse fields including being an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in SmartPlant Instrumentation. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering from UNIVERSIDAD SIMON BOLIVAR (Venezuela).


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